Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Wonder Why some Nepalese Youth are so Sick!!!!

I just wonder WHY some Nepalese youth are so sick !!

Gosh! This Raaj Sharma ji my new fb friend is completely different person I found he was talking about porn issue with me posting porn girl video in my inbox and when I warned him he threthened me saying I'll call my uncle at Hanuman Dhoka and will ask to investigate your fb Id and I said I'll expose you and now he blocked me. I couldn't even imagine.

Here is the conversation.

Raaj Sharma: hi namaste porn girl.

Laxmi Tamang: Oh sorry you are this type of person running after porn
I can't even imagine with your mind that you've such thoughts

Raaj Sharma: heheh hola hai

Laxmi Tamang: Gosh! Sick mind. I'll share the video that you shared me about porn girl

Raaj Sharma: Will calling now in hanumandhoka incharge my uncle Dhiraj Pratap Singh ....I will investigation your facebook id

Laxmi Tamang: No worries who cares since you shared such porn video above

Raaj Sharma: no need for you

Laxmi Tamang: I didn't realize that you are such porn minded person

Raaj Sharma: I am not porn minded person i am sleeping ready dont distrube me i am calling now in hanumandhoka

Laxmi Tamang: Why did you post above porn video above than
have a look above you shared me porn girl video. You are threatening me who cares
saying I'll call now in Hanumandhoka and will investigate my fb id

Raaj Sharma: Hey i fuck you just now call ready u r also fuckeer sala fuckeer ko sathi fuckkeer

Laxmi Tamang: I thought you are good man who speak truth but you are completely different then what I thought
It seems that you like to exposed
Priestly family ko man bhayera yesto wording Yack

Raaj Sharma: heheheh mero family ko kura nagarnus please i have so heart ma tapailai block gardai xu dont mind malai chalenge dine manxe veter khusi lagyo heheh

Laxmi Tamang: you blocked me I don't care but I'll expose you

Raaj Sharma: maile maya garne manxe le kina yeso gardai x ma timilai xoder jadai xu vane ta hunx ni kina natak garnu kehi navaya pani sathi ta huna sakxau ni yar

Laxmi Tamang: Why did you share such sick porn girl video with me.

My person impression:

I realized that Nepalese desperatly needs psychological healing and treatment since all social problems that we've in Nepal such as corruption, rape, the culture of impunity, poverty, domestic violence for both males and females, sexual harassment, and so forth are related to our mind.

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