Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Practical tips for selecting a leader or inspirational person!!

Always select a leader or inspirational person who is making his/her family happy or satisfy. 

If any person able to make his or her own family happy then he/she also able to make happy to others. If he/she doesn't then we've to understand that either that person is a sage or scientist but definitely not a politician/leader who can govern mass or society in a proper direction for the societal growth and development.. 

The reason that I said above statement is ignited from the thought of Nepalese young energetic Nepali Congress youth leader, Mr Ganga Thapa as one of the discussants of the "Men Engagement in Gender Equality Seminar" held in 2010 in Kathmandu on the titled "Who is a Real Man" he said I consider myself real man if I can make my wife happy. 

From this statement I realized that if a man can't make happy to his own wife then how can he can be able to make happy to his society and citizens.

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