Saturday, 7 April 2012

Thoughts become things: Needs to think positively

Positive thinking! positive thinking! positive thinking!! hard to cultivate such thoughts where society is indulge with full of negativity and negative news and incidents spreading around.

I deliberately started to think positively since the time my colleague while working in Mahottari District  (plain, central region of Nepal) told me to think positively. He said this to me in a angrily because he thought that I reported to his supervisor about his performance. I didn't know that I used to think negatively but anyway he thought so. Since than I decided "consciously I will never ever let in my mind  negative ideas and thoughts to come." Since than it has changed my way of viewing and doing things significantly and also whatever I plan and think, it came into reality. I am a knowledge seeker and eager to learn new ideas, thoughts, self help books and articles. which are beneficial for mankind, humanity and the nature. I started to read self help books since early 2004 which has changed myself and my world view.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Food for thoughts to Nepalese!!

It is almost 22 years the democracy has been established in Nepal. Since the democracy has been established in 1990 in Nepal, she is facing lots of problems mainly corruption, impunity, crimes, violence, rape, unemployment and so on. During the last 22 years 20 governments ruled the nation. Out of 20 governments Nepali Congress leader, Late Grija Prasad Koirala became Prime Minster six times but sadly he couldn't do good instead invited and promoted the movement of Maoist to fight against the corrupted government. Because of this, Nepal has undergone 10 years of people's war and around 15,000 people live had been taken. It is said that Girja Prasad Koirala didn't have a good and because that his brother, founder of Nepali Congress told him that he is just an eligible to become a "Police" ranked of Corporal (Hawaldar) not more than that.

It is told that, education is the backbone of any nation. Without education none can prosper in life. Nobody can live a happy and successful life with dignity, respect, value and societal recognition. Nepal has has a poor education system that creates followers rather than leaders. Nepali education system is based on the rote memory system without any creativity that do not challenge students to think about in solving the problems rather it encourages to write what has been written in the outdated textbooks. Even from such education girls child are hardly benefited compared to boys because of patriarchal hindu system boys are more valued than girls believing that girls if provided education will go away with her husband thus no need to invest. Therefore, most of the time girls can not get opportunity to study and if those who get can not continue their education due to number of reasons. Due to this they become dependent on men and they are to encounter many unexpected problems and situations. Only if government can invest in girl child education only then it can give an educated women that can give an educated nation. This is because educated girls can lead her life with a good planning. They get physical and mental satisfaction than uneducated girls. She knows how to enjoy life and keep a happy family.

I think that educated girls are different from other girls. If girls become educated they will be conscious about their rights. Then they will be able to conduct their life in right way.

An educated mother can maintain her family and teach her children properly and give proper guidance. She can be very conscious about her children’s health and nutrition. She is more conscious about her family than an uneducated girl. Therefore, as said by Napoleon Bonaparte "Give me good mothers; I will give you good nation." I would like to say that “Give me an educated mother, I will give you an educated nation”. So girls’ educations are not necessary only for herself or for her family, but it is also necessary for the whole nation.

Women in Nepal are considered second class citizen because of Hindu society patriarchal ideologies and system driven by the laws of manu coded in 1500 BC in India and imposed in Nepal by Indian Brahimin in close collaboration with the rulers and priests in the ancient time. 

If girls can have education equally as boys  then she can go equally better with men. She can remove superstitious of her family members by her wisdom and knowledge. She can provide better care for her family.

She can do job and can help her family financially. Day by day the living cost is increasing. So it is becoming tough to maintain a family on one’s income. An educated girl can do job and can help her family financially, better than an uneducated girl.

So we can say that if we can get an educated mother in every family, we will be able to give an educated and healthy leader and future for the new generation.