Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My humble request to my dear Nepalese brothers and sisters!!

I am like a facebook activist and I learn and share through facbook. Facebook became my real life book to learn different ideas, thoughts, knowledge and wisdom from across the globe.

However, of my fellow Nepalese brothers and sisters make their remarks based on my societal gifted tags. Therefore, I would like to kindly request to all my brothers and sisters not to look at me with the lens of any societal gifted tagged such as Janajati, Tamang, Buddhist, Nepali , and so forth just by seeing my another societal gifted name "Laxmi Tamang" because first of all I'm a human being born in those societal gifted tagged member family "Tamang". But I don't think and feel that I'm Tamang, Janajati, Buddhist, Nepali and so forth since first of all I'm born in this earth as a human being predominantly as a feminine soul but equally having masculine soul/energy. Therefore, I would like to remain in this earth till my rest of the life as a human as per the law of nature gifted quality for the sake of humanity and prosperity of everyone.

I chose to be non-religious person because I was born non-religious with free mind without any dogmatic view. Just because I was born in Buddha believer family "Tamang" due to my ignorance I used to say I'm a buddhist when I was young. In fact I'm not a buddhist and never considered myself as a Buddhist from deep of my mind and heart because I always in search of reason in each and every puja, worship and rituals that monks/Lama do but I didn't get satisfactory answer from them and realized that they mainly do such to make money and to clam mentally their self and others. Besides, didn't find anyone poor people helped by a god. However, I do admire buddha teaching because I found rational and logic based on the scientific evidences.

Therefore I sometime post and share statement from Buddha. Similarly, equally from Sanatan Dharma I do learn some good and share which doesn't mean I'm a Hindu but some of my Indian fb friends think that I'm a hindu because I share and read Bhagawad Gita, Veda, etc. It is an individual choice what people think since it is all about mind game what we perceive, see, hear, feel and listen.

About my talent everyone is born talent with unique mind. In fact, I'm not a talent person I'm just a curious learner keeping my free mind without any dogmatic and religious doctrine. Therefore I'm getting boarder understanding of any issue that I'm interest on.

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