Thursday, 2 May 2013

28 Buddhas born in this world

It is interesting to learn that in this world so far total 28 Buddhas had born and Siddhartha Gautam Buddha was the last Buddha of those. In the earth human has been living since last 200,000 years and first human history of origin start from Africa then from there people migrated to different parts of the world. 

These revered Buddhas include the 28 Buddhas described in Chapter 27 of the Buddhavamsa, plus Maitreya Bodhisattva, the future (and 29th) Buddha. The Buddhavamsa is a text which describes the life of Gautama Buddha and the twenty-seven Buddhas who preceded him. The Buddhavamsa is part of the Khuddaka Nikaya, which in turn is part of the Sutta Pitaka. The Sutta Pitaka is one of three main sections of the Pali Canon of Theravada Buddhism.

The 28 Buddhas are said to have attained enlightenment from the time Gautama Buddha received his first Niyatha Vivarana (permission to be the next enlightened one) from Dīpankara Buddha.

The 28 Buddhas are not the only Buddhas believed to have existed. Indeed, Gautama Buddha preached that innumerable Buddhas have lived in past kalpas.

In most Theravada countries it is the custom for Buddhists to hold elaborate festivals to honor 28 Buddhas. For example, in various parts of Myanmar, festivals are held to pay homage to 28 Buddhas, especially in the fair weather season. The twenty eight Buddhas are said to have attained enlightenment from the time Gotama Buddha attained his first definite prophecy (assurance that one will definitely become a Buddha one day) from Dipankara Buddha.

The names of the 28 Buddhas 

1. Taṇhaṃkara
2. Medhaṃkara
3. Saraṇaṃkara
4. Dipaṃkara
5. Koṇḍañña
6. Maṃgala
7. Sumana
8. Revata
9. Sobhita
10. Anomadassi
11. Paduma
12. Nārada
13. Padumuttara
14. Sumedha
15. Sujāta
16. Piyadassi
17. Atthadassi
18. Dhammadassi
19. Siddhattha
20. Tissa
21. Phussa
22. Vipassi
23. Sikhi
24. Vessabhū
25. Kakusandha
26. Koṇāgamana
27. Kassapa Buddha
28. Gotama Buddha

 It is said that Maitraya Buddha is the future Buddha.


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