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State of Confused Mind Reaction: Must Learn to Help Oneself!!

State of Confused Mind Reaction towards my posting: Must learn to awake and Help oneself to come out of our ignorance!!

Ncsc Puja Samiti:
Hey, I didn't like this comment. you severely lack information about hindu's.
The comment:
Laxmi Tamang (20 May 2013): Krishna Bhattarai:
"हिन्दु धर्म बिश्वको सबै भन्दा खराब धर्म हो जहा एउटै बाबुको छोराहरु बिच पनि पानी बाराबार हुन्छ"""""

Laxmi Tamang:
Good to know Christian brother view towards Hinduism. Despite born in a Hindu family why do you think Hinduism is 100% bad religion. No any religion is bad but those Godmen and God Soldiers and custodian of religion made it bad due to their polluted and corrupted mind as they didn't follow original Santan Dharma which was based upon the law of nature.
Hindu dharma adulterated by corrupt intellectual ancient Godmen, God Soldiers and the custodian of religion since it was born from Brahmanism Religion and the name "Hindu" was given by the invaders in India.
As far as I knew Sanatan Dharma was Dravadian of Indus valley indigenous people Dharma created as per the law of nature and later different sages documents their thoughts and started to called Veda (knowledge) that's why Vedic religion started in India/Indus valley (present day Pakistan) and Vedic religion had been corrupted by some ancient Indian Brahmins. Thus during Buddha time they used to called Brahamiism Religion and later Brahmanism religion name changed to Hinduism, the name given by invaders.
I think Krishna Bhattarai bro might be talking about Caste system where Sudra being a Hindu has been discriminated by Brahmins and Chhetri. But realized that No one is perfect and everything is Yin and Yang (50/50) in this world as per the law of universe and the law of nature. I came to know that Hindu religion is an adulterated religion since it was born from Brahmanism religion and Brahmanism religion was born from Vedic religion and vedic religion was born from Sanatan Dharma. Therefore, in the course of development from 3000-5000 years it has been completely adulterated due to corrupt intellectual custodian of the religion. There might be only 25% purity of orginal Sanatan Dharma that was based upon the law of nature in the present day so-called Hindu religion.
"Brahmanism is not the oldest of Indian religions but it represents an important starting place for the understanding of Indian philosophy and religion. Hinduism grows out of Brahmanism, and accepts most of the basics of Brahmanism, while Buddhism and Jainism are reactionary—they adopt some of the ideas of Brahmanism, yet they reject much of it, and so in a way they too are an outgrowth of Brahmanism." http://www.gossamerstrands.com/Asia105/lecture1.htm
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Laxmi Tamang: Truth is bitter to digest ni bro. Using Fake ID who share their corrupt thoughts and views are huti hara namarda Napunsak people ho who don't dare to come forward with original identity to share their thoughts and views due to suffering with Fearism because of their Ignorance. Fearsim begets Hateism and Angerism. Ignorance is a Virus ho. Therefore, beware with such viruses since virus is very difficult to treat and you know that virus causes cancer, HIV, Hepatitis B, Bird Flu, Janai Khatira and so forth.

Ncsc Puja Samiti: What fake id u talking about? Please keep your hate towards yourself. I'm not bro. I'm a gril.

Laxmi Tamang: Who cares what you are since you can't digest the evidences and facts

Ncsc Puja Samiti: ha ha. You need psych consult

Laxmi Tamang: Wfter all you are in fake id

Ncsc Puja Samiti: Go see a doctor.

Laxmi Tamang: Fake and sick intellectual corrupt mind

Ncsc Puja Samiti: This is nepali cultural and spritual center

Laxmi Tamang: Suffering with fearsim and didn't know difference between religion and spirituality

Ncsc Puja Samiti: Seriously sis u need to see a doctor.

Laxmi Tamang: It is an India culture

Ncsc Puja Samiti: ha ha

Laxmi Tamang: Don't claim Nepali culture. Nepal has nothing originality. Everything is borrowed from India. India is super duper great.

Ncsc Puja Samiti: Go preach this to ur friends converting to christianity.

Laxmi Tamang: Nepal=India and India=Nepal

Ncsc Puja Samiti: why u care?

Laxmi Tamang:  You must feel shame to claim Indian creation as Nepali

Ncsc Puja Samiti: Tamang people follow shakti path right?

Laxmi Tamang: Robbery mind people

Ncsc Puja Samiti: You are mentally sick person.

Laxmi Tamang: I don't care what Tamang follow

Ncsc Puja Samiti: then change ur last name. So who do u represent?

Laxmi Tamang: Everything stolen from India and claim as Nepali sick robbery mind person. Jatibaadi aakha. Polluted mind and corrupt thoughts

Ncsc Puja Samiti: I believe in one jaat that is manavjaati

Laxmi Tamang: Laj pache ko manche India sages creation lai mero bhane

Ncsc Puja Samiti: I find you very prejudice .

Laxmi Tamang: Manavjaati ma believe garne bhaye kina Tamang bhaneko ta.  Truth sounds prejudice since you are a God Soldier.

Ncsc Puja Samiti: Tamang is your surname. I did not say its ur jaat.

Laxmi Tamang: Why you see my surname if your mind is not polluted with jaat

Ncsc Puja Samiti: Surname represents your background.

Laxmi Tamang: You see your jaatibaadi mindset

Ncsc Puja Samiti: Community you belong.

Laxmi Tamang: Spiritual person doesn't care about jatbhaat but you are religious person so you care jat and jatibhaad. You are confused person don't know the difference between religion and spirituality due to ignorance

Ncsc Puja Samiti: all I can do is laugh at ur stupidity.

Laxmi Tamang: Yes God Soldier. Keep laughing due to your own ignorance

Ncsc Puja Samiti: No need to infiltrate here. Allrite. Har har mahadev!!!

Laxmi Tamang: Suffering with viral disease called ignorance. God Soldier. Lovely talking to you God Soldier with mental slave of India stealing others things and claiming as own. I love India since she is a great hearted donor and allow to robe to Nepalese

Ncsc Puja Samiti: I just request you to open your mind sister. May god bless you!!

Laxmi Tamang: I really feel sorry for those ignorance brothers and sisters especially from Nepal and India who are in the confused state of mind thinking that spirituality and religion are the same. I have came across with such confused mind very often and no one can help them except themselves.

They must understand that ignorance is a virus such as HIV, Cancer, Hepatitis B, Bird Flue, and so forth. Therefore, if we don't try to prevent and treat timely it will spread across the globe rapidly.

"Ignorance is a virus. Once it starts spreading, it can only be cured by reason. For the sake of humanity, we must be that cure."
- Neil deGrasse Tyson, an American astrophysicist and science communicator

Please help yourself with knowledge and wisdom keeping your mind and making free from dogmatic thoughts and views that has been instilled by our society in the course of socialisation.

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”
- Buddha

Laxmi Tamang: Dear sister, you are in the state of confusion between spirituality and religion it is because there is a little bit similarity but try to move towards spirituality rather than remain in the state of confusion so that you don't have to report me back what I have talk about religion with reason.
Try to understand this as well difference between spirituality and religion.

Try to understand that this as well. Thank you!!

Ncsc Puja Samiti: May you find peace doing all this. I practice highest form of spirituality _ compassion, ahimsa saying mere words don't make you spiritual sister. You have to implement it .

Laxmi Tamang: Nepalese are in the state of Confusion!!

I realized that many God Devotees are in the state of confusion in their mind regarding being a religious and spiritual. They think that Religion and Spirituality are the same. Although there is some link but being a religious and a spiritual are two different entities.

We've to learn to understand that Ignorance is a Virus and Little Knowledge is Danger that put self in Endanger. Therefore, to wipe out such ignorance we've to learn and search of knowledge opening our mind without any prejudice in our subconscious mind.

As Swami Brahmananda said "There is no true religion or spirituality without kindness and love."  we've to help ourselves to understand the difference between religion and spirituality.

Essentially, religion is designed to be our spiritual source of comfort and advice, a structure to provide moral guidelines, a caring community and help for those in need. And in many ways it is.

But religion is also the cause of violence, wars, discrimination, bigotry, pain and suffering, all of which are a long way from kindness, compassion, comfort and spiritual reassurance.

Religious morality is also used to justify political reasoning and supremacy.
In fact spirituality is simply the discovery of our authentic self without any trimmings or labels, which gives us a rich source of values and a deeper meaning to life, whatever our religion.

In the seeking of such meaning, religion and spirituality come together. Spirituality highlights qualities such as caring, kindness, compassion, tolerance, service and community, and, in its truest sense, so does religion. But where religion is defined by its tradition and teachings, spirituality is defined by what is real in our own experience, arising from an inner search within ourselves, the finding of our own truth.
Where religion tends to breed separation -- my religion vs. your religion, my God is the only real God, my ethics are better than yours, etc. -- spirituality sees all people as equal. We are not an "ism" or a label, we are spiritual beings whose purpose is to awaken to our true nature."

To learn detail about the difference between Religion and Spirituality worth going through Ed and Deb Shapiro, Yoga Nidra, Meditation & Bodymind Experts, Award-winning Authors of BE THE CHANGE - How Meditation Can Transform You and the World & YOUR BODY SPEAKS YOUR MIND below article. Thank you http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ed-and-deb-shapiro/religion-and-spirituality_b_967951.html

Laxmi Tamang: Action speaks Louder than voice since your action has proven that you are in the same of confusion between religion and spirituality

Ncsc Puja Samiti: who are you to judge? Do you practice ahimsa?
are you vegan or vegetarian? I practice Asthanga yoga faithfully. Let me know if if need any info for that. Asthanga yoga is highest form of spirituality anyone can practice. I can only hope you open your inner eyes and practice compassion ,asthanga yoga

Laxmi Tamang: Those who think that they are spiritual person please identify yourself whether or not you are truly spiritual person or in delusion.

Those who proclaimed oneself as a spiritual person I don't trust them by their words since I believe in an action as per an individual behavioural manifestation (symptoms) rather than words and reaction.

Practicing Yoga, becoming vegetarian and so forth is not being a real spiritual person.

Ncsc Puja Samiti: Then how do u define spirituality ? that means u don't value life.

Laxmi Tamang: Don't remain in delusion since you are reactionary in your attitude and behaviour because of your level of consciousness is still in middle of your spiritual journey

Ncsc Puja Samiti: You sound like u have already reach state of Nirvana.

Laxmi Tamang: I'll share you the level of human consciousness and their behaviour manifestation

Ncsc Puja Samiti: Good luck with your spiritual journey. This is the end of our conversation.

Laxmi Tamang: I love to reach that level.

Ncsc Puja Samiti: Good for u. You take care . Har har mahadev !!!

Laxmi Tamang: You are too much attached with your God and faith/religion thus you are suffering in mentally with angerism and confusion.
I detached myself with socially gifted tagged so I don't feel sad and bad when someone talk about Tamang, Buddhism, women, etc with reason. Not opinion because opinion is inbetween knowledge and ignorance

Laxmi Tamang: You are ignorant religious person. You are hindu and might be on the process of gaining spirituality but you've not detached yourself with your socially gifted tagged such as Hindu (religious person) thus you feel sad and bad and react upon my posting. The Problem of Nepal and India: Low Level of Human Consciousness
The problem of Nepal and India is invited due to those people who are Pseudo (fake) Proud with their socially gifted tagged i.e. "Caste, Ethnicity, Religion, Creed, Language, Nationality, etc" rather than their own honest deeds and accomplishment because of the low level of human consciousness.

There are many scholars, teachers, gurus, etc who are intellectual corrupt since they didn't think about society welfare except their own self gain sucking and raping Mother Nepal and their ignorant and innocent children instiling irrational religious belief rather than rational religious knowledge and wisdom for the sake of humanity and prosperity of everyone. That's the reason Nepal is 3rd MOST corrupt Nation in South Asia and 141th corrupt nation out of 176th in the world as per 2012 report of the Transparency International.

In this information age I think we've enough slept to date. Therefore now it is high time to wake up ourselves to help self, else including society if possible.
Many of us don't know in which level of consciousness we are living, walking, working and surviving. Therefore, I would like to share about human consciousness that determines our attitude and behaviour.

As per Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., an internationally renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher, and pioneer in the fields of consciousness research and spirituality in his book "Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior" discussed and analysed about level of Human Consciousness that outlined 17 level of human consciousness.

Level of Human conscoiusness:
1. Shame
2. Guilt
3. Apathy
4. Grief
5. Fear
6. Desire
7. Anger
8. Pride
9. Courage
10. Neutrality
11. Willingness
12. Acceptance
13. Reason
14. Love
15. Joy
16. Peace
17. Enlightment
For details please visit below link. I'm just sharing here about Grief, Fear and Pride since many of us are going through these stages that I've sense.

4. Grief
We’ve all experienced this level before. Loss of a loved one or even a pet can trigger a sudden lowering of consciousness to grief. It becomes dysfunctional and pervasive when one remains at this level for a significant period of time. A person who is at Grief will see sadness everywhere. Preoccupation with the death or coming death or ones self or others can be indicative of this level. Life is a constant tragedy or near-tragedy, and the world is terrible and cruel.

5. Fear
The level of fear forms the basis for much of human behavior at this time. We are evolutionarily designed for a world of scarcity and fear. Survival of the fittest is simply our heritage. Thus, many people who don’t consciously work on improving themselves will remain at an animal-like level of fear.
Fear is the antithesis of growth. Social fears lead to seclusion. Fear of loss in relationships leads to insecurity and jealousy. Fear of the unknown leads to rejecting change. People who live in fear are highly manipulatable. News media operates at this level, presenting the world as a fearful, scary place. Entire cities and nations are often at this level.
Even so, fear is dramatically stronger than previous levels of consciousness. At least by this point you’re interacting with the world.

8. Pride
The level of pride is something that most people aspire to. It’s socially encouraged. We’re told we should take pride in our work, accomplishments, and material objects. Compared to the lower levels, pride feels great. It certainly beats the depression and hopelessness found in Shame and Apathy. However, pride is still below the crucial level of 200. It is still weak, and thus is related to force rather than true power.
Pride is a weakness because it can so easily transform into any of the lower levels. If a prideful businessman suddenly loses all his money, he could easily go through Anger, Fear, and end up at Apathy, completely losing touch with what he based his life around. Pride comes from associating ones self with things that don’t really matter.
Although pride feels good at first, it is ultimately foolish. Religious wars are often a function of pride. It lacks the unification of the higher levels, instead being based on the egoic need to be better than someone or something else.

"Power Vs Force: The Levels of Consciousness : Personal Development " http://www.fredtracy.com/power-vs-force-the-levels-of-consciousness/with Fred Tracy

Laxmi Tamang: From your above reactionary thoughts and action it seems that you are in the level of inbetween 7-9 since you were anger with my post and feel proud of yourself thinking that you practice highest form of spiritual gain yoga and you had courage to share your thoughts and views with others including myself

There are many spiritual leaders in the world who don't practice yoga but became spiritual you must understand for example Dalai Lama he doesn't practice yoga. He practices meditation and meditation leads to spirituality sister not the Yoga
There are around 100 renowned spiritual gurus in the world and they don't all do Yoga as you said sister. Please wake up and come out of your delusion to help yourself.

Thank you!!

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