Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Nepal's democracy became Demoncracy since 1990

I’m not quite sure since when Nepal became the country of Rapists (gang-raped, corrupt, looters, robbers, demoniac rulers/politicians, etc) from the country of godly men (Vishnu Ko Avataar, King).

But I think it might be after Democracy has introduced in 1990. I know that "Kehi Pauna Lai Kehi Gumaunu Prachha". Nepal mom and her kids, mainly sons got Freedom, Democracy to rob, corrupt, violent law, violence and rape women/girls, establish their own businesses and NGOs, convert their faiths and many more. But Nepal mom and her daughters lost their integrity, dignity, pride and social respect because they have been raping, harassing, abusing, accusing, and killing more than before I suppose.

Nepal's Democracy became Demoncracy, which means demon, a cruel, evil, or destructive person or thing happening due to rule society by demoniac people. So, I think now we might need to think to re-establish and make our nation as a godly man rather than rapists for the safety and security of Motherland and her daughters and rapists created poverty.

"Two youths were arrested for their involvement in a gang rape to a 16-year old girl from Raikabar Bichawa VDC Ward No. 5 in Kanchanpur district.
Police arrested Jivan Rana, 20, and Siyaram Rana, 21, of the VDC based on the complaints filed at the Area Police Office, Raikabar. Another alleged rapist Ram Das Rana is still absconding.
The three youth have been accused of raping the girl by taking her at the wheat farm near her house on Wednesday. The arrestedhave admitted to the crime, police said."

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