Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Nepal Nature Made Heaven, Man-Made Hell Nation!!

Nepal is one of the most beautiful nature made heaven nation but man (rulers/politicians) made hell. She has been exposed to the international world only in 1951. Before that she had been keep in isolation by the past rulers. Nepal is a home of 126 caste/ethnic groups. She is diverse socio-culturally as well bio-diversity wise. Geo-politically she is in-between two most populous, huge and economically flourishing nations of the world, India in south and China in north. Nepal is an Unique Nation so she mustn't compare with any other South Asian nations.

Therefore, she doesn't deserve to be compared to any South Asian and African nations in terms of development and socio-economic issues. 

If we wish to compare her then she has to be compared either with the land locked nations or whole Asian nations. 

Not just limited to any South Asian or African nations. If someone would like to compare to those nations then we've to understand that most of the SA and African nations have faith on Islam . Therefore, our people first have to accept that their faiths match with those nations people.

Otherwise, don't disrespect Nepal comparing irrationally with those nations since our culture, tradition and beliefs are different then those nations as well as geo-politically Nepal is completely different. 

To compare Nepal with other nations ruled by Britishers and else is like comparing manu-made lower and higher caste which won't be fair and justice to her since one got opportunity and others not for ages learning new knowledge and getting exposure to the world.

Thank you for your border understanding and respecting your motherland with dignity.

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