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Root cause of ALL the problems of Nepal.

Although I am a public health professional because of my research topic related to Gender issue in relation to the access to, and uptake of sexual and reproductive health services among Nepalese youths in Kathmandu valley I read literature relating to Gender issue to explore about the root cause of Gender-based discrimination in our part of the world. Even reading many literature from Nepalese as well as western scholars I was not able to figure out HOW Gender based discriminated has been initiated and promoted in our society. From the literature I came to know only that due to firmly entrenched patriarchal and Hindu system gender based discrimination has prevail in Nepal. BUT I was not satisfied with those literature so I was wondering where I can find the root of this discrimination. Then all of a sudden via facebook I came across to read the online newspaper article written in Nepal by Rameshwori Panta titled "Manusmriti Kai Bato Ma Hamro Samaj", which in English it means "Our society is still in the path of Manusmriti". 

Reading this article in which two verses relating to gender issues have been quoted I googled about Manusmriti and I was shocked reading the very discriminatory verses for women and dalit/sudra (untouchable caste) that had written by Indian Sage, Manu in c. 200 CE in India to rule the society of that time BUT still practising in our part of the world.  

Truth is always bitter because it shows our and our societal real face so we can see clearly our internal face. Human nature is so strange and funny we love to see our face/outer look on the mirror almost now and then but we hate to see our internal look if someone shows.

In Nepal caste-system and caste and gender based discrimination practices have been promoted by the Law of Manu (Manusmriti) written by an Indian sage in c. 200 CE in India that had been cut and pasted in the first codified law of Nepal, Manab Nyaya Shastra written during the Malla Dynasty by King Jayasthiti Malla in the 14th century along with the help of five learned Indian Brahmins namely Kirtinath Upadhyaya Kanyakubja, Raghunath Jha Maithili, Srinath Bhatta, Mahinath Bhatta, and Ramanath Jha. The Manab Nyaya Shastra was written after the study of Manu Smriti, Yagyawalkya Smriti, Mitachhyara Tika, Brihaspati Smriti, Narad Smriti and other holy texts. It was written concentrating on the practices that prevailed in the society then. The Manab Nyaya Shastra has introduced many legal provisions regarding houses, lands, castes, dead bodies etc. It was the major source of rendering justice during the medieval period. Much influence of religion can be found in the laws then.

Later in AD 1854 the founder of Rana Dynasty, Jung Bahadur Rana revised and codified the legal system, named Muluki Ain that also had much influence of religion in the laws, which has been effective till 1990 but still it has an effect in the ruling mindset people who belong to Hindu higher caste as codified in the Law of Manu. 

Unless and until our youths and don't open eyes and give up their prejudice as Manjushree Thapa, a renowned writer  and stand for the JUSTICE and EQUALITY to end the Culture of Impunity to promote the Culture of Human Rights in Nepal our internal conflict NEVER EVER going to be solved which India and USA elites want to degrade China. Nepal is a fertile land for three powerful countries to play their internal power and politics game.

Everyone MUST read the Law of Manu to open our blocked eye which is making our belief DOGMA rather than Kindness and free of EGO and prejudice. Anyone can access the law of manu from 

In India Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar from Sudhra/Dalit an Indian jurist, political leader, philosopher, anthropologist, historian, orator, economist, teacher, editor and also the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of Indian Constitution burnt Manusmriti in 1927 in a public believing that it is the BLACK LAW against Women and Dalit.  

I found very useful and interesting the term paper titled "Influence of Hindu religion in framing of Nepalese Legal system" by Kapil Aryal written in 2004 for his LLM 1st Year on Human Rights and Gender Justice Program at Kathmandu School of Law, Kathmandu University that can be accessed from Every Nepalese who are after JUSTICE, EQUALITY, UNITY, PROSPERITY AND HUMANITY in DIVERSITY MUST READ this paper and the law of manu to open our blocked eyes due to Religious Dogma and follow evidence-based practice with face and figures rather than OPINION and childish like of arrogant behaviour and attitude. 

Manjushree Thapa, a renowned writer of Nepal has spoken the truth which majority of Nepalese hindu dogmatic thinker youths and people who are NOT after JUSTICE, EQUALITY, UNITY, HUMANITY and PROSPERITY in DIVERSITY then definitely will oppose her views: 
"On May 27, the NC and CPN-UML betrayed the very principle of democracy, and they did so for the lowest possible reason: to preserve Nepal’s high-caste monopoly."
Further she asserts that "To the leaders of the Nepali Congress and Community Party of Nepal-UML, it obviously was. They threw everything away over the issue of federalism.
Nepal has over a hundred ethnic nationalities and nearly as many languages. But all government institutions, and most non-government ones as well, are monopolised by high-caste Hindus. Brahmins and Kshatriyas — called Bahuns and Chhetris in Nepal — occupy almost all national space. This is a glaring, undeniable fact and it holds true for all the political parties (including the Maoists), every media house, the entire private and NGO sectors, and the vast informal networks of power — including the well-heeled of Kathmandu who exert immense influence over confused donors and ambassadors.
During the 10-year-long “People’s War”, the Maoists promised the excluded (that is, the majority) autonomous federal states named after each area’s ethnic nationalities. This proved very popular. (Though the 2011 census data is not out yet, it’s safe to say that Nepal’s population comprises 15 per cent Chhetris and 12 per cent Bahun. The Madhesis, Janajatis and other excluded groups amount to over 60 per cent.)" Source:

Available evidences based on the facts and figures prove that the ROOT CAUSE of ALL forms of discrimination in Nepal based on race, caste/ethnicity, sex, etc is due to the DOGMA of RELIGION guided by the Law of Manu written by Indian sage, Manu in c. 200 CE to govern the society that our past and present rulers and so-called higher castes have been still blindly following and wish to cleanse innocent mass from this nature made Heaven and Dogmatic thinker and believer men made hell nation, Nepal to rule, bull, fool and pull them as per their wish imposing one system and the culture of Impunity in the nation rather than trying to promote the culture of Human Rights.

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