Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Need to learn with Jewish community healthy food habit

Nepalese need to learn with Jewish community to use mind intelligently eating food healthy without any contamination of germs/impurity!

Interesting, Jews comprise only 0.2% of the world's population, over 20% of Nobel Prize laureates have been Jewish, with multiple winners in each field.

Foods restriction:
- Jewish people eat only certified 'kosher' (clean, fit or proper) food or food made in the 'right' way.
- Certain foods, notably pork, or shellfish like crabs or lobsters are forbidden;
- Meat and dairy must not be combined at the same time;
- Meat must be ritually slaughtered and salted to remove all blood/entirely drained of blood.
- They have different knives, forks, plates, and pans for meat and dairy foods.

Why Kosher Meat Is a Healthier Alternative? Learn from Naturalnews

Famous Jewish People in the world
1. Moses
2. Jesus
3. Baruch Spinoza
4. Albert Einstein
5. Marc Chagall
6. Leonard Bernstein
7. Alan Greenspan
8. Elizabeth Taylor
9. Woody Allen-- Film Maker/Actor: Annie Hall, Bullets Over Broadway, Mighty Aphrodite, Antz

1. Albert Einstein- One of the most famous & influential scientists since Isaac Newton
2. Carl Sagan-astronomer & popular science author; made book & TV series 'Cosmos'
3. Niels Bohr -- Nobel prize-winning Physicist: atomic structure
4. Roald Hoffmann -- Nobel prize winner in Chemistry: field of electronic structures
5. Fritz Haber- winner of the Nobel Prize of Chemistry in 1918, for the synthesis of ammonia from its elements
6. Edward Teller -- Physicist, father of the hydrogen bomb
7. Leo Szilard -- Physicist, proved the possibility of a nuclear chain reaction in 1933.
8. Jonas Salk -- Developed the first polio vaccine.

Business Professionals:
1. Milton Hershey -- Hershey's Chocolate founder
2. Michael Dell -- Founder of Dell Computer
3. Larry Ellison -- Founder and CEO of Oracle
4. Alan Greenspan -- Federal Reserve Chairman under Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush
5. Steve Ballmer -- CEO of Microsoft and the richest Jew in the world
6. Sir James Goldsmith- financier & banker who amongst others has taken over Goodyear.
7. George Soros- millionaire philanthropist who has donated millions to aid Eastern Europe.
8. Bernard Madoff -- American financier convicted of operating a Ponzi scheme that resulted in the largest investor fraud ever committed by a single person.

Fashion designers:
1. Calvin Klein -- Famous Clothes Designer
2. Ralph Lauren -- (Ralph Lipshitz) world famous fashion designer
3. Levi Strauss -- Inventor of Blue Jeans
4. Kenneth Cole -- Fashion Designer who's married to Mario Cuomo's daughter

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