Monday, 22 October 2012

Food Security or Money Security: Monsanto induced food production against Humanity

Former American Ambassador to Nepal Mr. DeLsi said to me on the facebook discussion on his wall about Monsanto for the food security of rural Nepal government of Nepal and their people need to think seriously about introducing genetically modified seeds (hybrid seeds) produced by an American company, MONSANTO renowned for GMO food production across the globe. Otherwise, government of Nepal couldn't afford to supply food to their rural and remote far and mid-western people who are dying due to food shortage every year. This was just a revolting argument for me from his side though I'm not a food production expert but at least I have head/brain to think and heart to feel and hands to explore via internet and journals what is good and bad to our people in saving the humanity and planet. Mother earth has given birth to human beings and animals in this earth so she knows how to feed to them as well. However, evil and ill minded men with their bad intention due to hunger of Money, Power and Position to fool, bull and rule over innocent people of this world they do and say whatever it comes in their mind because their mindset have been programmed in such a way to create illusion and delusion among the innocent population of this world.

Monsanto must be stopped if humanity is to survive another 25 years!!!

If someone has not seen the video film titled "Seeds of Freedom" developed by The African Biodiversity Network ( and The Gaia Foundation ( that work with individuals, organizations, and networks across Africa to regenerate healthy ecosystems, enhance traditional knowledge and practices for land, seed, food and water sovereignty, and to strengthen community self-governance to  enable communities to become more resilient to climate change and related challenges then EVERYONE MUST WATCH the video that can be accessed from It's the story of seeds....Say no to GMO's and patents of seeds ! This is sooooo good... "this has nothing to do with feeding the world... this is about controlling the food economy..." A great 30min clip... The story of Seeds... heart... say NO to GMO's & patents of Seeds say YES to keeping our diversity...

A film that should be watched by everyone; the insidious spread of agricultural seed monopolies. Short term gain and profit benefiting the chemical giants at the expense of world food production and its long term integrity and biodiversity.

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