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Birth place of Buddha, Lumbini Nepal as a Macca of Saudi Arab and Vatican City in Rome, Italy

The birth place of Siddhartha Gautam, Buddha Lumbini of Nepal can be developed as a Mecca in Saudi Arabia of the greatest religious observances in Islam, where millions of Islamic pilgrimages journey take place from across the world during the observance in October every year. Similarly in Vatican City in Rome, Italy, where Christian pilgrimages travel annually in a millions from across the globe. 

It is quite annoying when Indian scholars, historians, buerocrats, etc claimed every now and then saying the Birth place of Buddha is in Orrisa (Odisha), India despite the UNESCO has listed as a world heritage located in Nepal that was discovered in 1896 by a German archeologist Dr A Fiihrer and Khadga Samsher, then Governor of Palpa district of Nepal, the Ashoka pillar and proved that Buddha was born in present Lumbini Nepal. The Lord Buddha was born in 623 BC in the sacred area of Lumbini located in the Terai plains of southern Nepal, testified by the inscription on the pillar erected by the Mauryan Emperor Asoka in 249 BC. Source: .

Prof. Rajesh Kochhar, an Indologists from India said:

“ Orissa is very poor. It will benefit greatly from tourism if Buddha were born there? Can we not rotate Buddha's birth place like the Olympics or the cricket match venue?”

He meant that the birth place of certain historical personages always made full of controversies. 

Indian Embassy to Nepal also acknowledged and accepted the truth about the Birth Place of Buddha is in Nepal and posted on their facebook page on 16 September 2012 stating that LUMBINI: One of the most holiest and sacred places in the world, the place where Siddhartha Gautam, known to world as LORD BUDDHA was born. Lumbini is a Buddhist pilgrimage site in the Rupandehi district of Nepal. It is the place where Queen Mayadevi gave birth to Siddhartha Gautama, who as the Buddha Gautama founded the Buddhist tradition. Lumbini is one of the biggest touristic destinations of Nepal. Source:

Actually, Nepal was formed as a nation in 1768 CE (2,200 years later). So while Buddha was born into a kingdom where the city of Lumbini now resides, it most certainly was not Nepal - nor India - at that time. BUT NOW Lumbini is in Nepal certainly! Professor. Kailash Chandra Dash, a scholar of history from Odisha, India says ancient Kapilvastu was Tilaurakot of Nepal today. He has disputed the claim made by some Indians that "Piprahawa" was actual "Kapilvastu". Source:

However, in Florida, Tampa Bay , USA from Feb 15-17, 2013 there will be an Indian International Film Festival in which they are going to show 36 minutes video documentary about the Birth Place of Buddha claiming that Buddha was born in Orrisa, India.

What a Joke of Indian film makers, scholars, diplomats and government to fool, bull and rule over innocent people's mind for their own sake of benefit BUT truth never ever going to hide. Anyhow one day it will prevail so instead of spreading the rumor better to shut up mouth or speak up the truth. Wonder WHY Indian ill-minded scholars and diplomats always like to lie to the world and want to keep in dark. It might be to promote pilgrimage tourism to make India economically prosperous cheating their tiny neighboring country or clean their own face with purity/truth since their mythologies and the Law of Manu had ruined their image across the globe.

"The Myth of Buddha’s Birthplace | India International Film Festival – Tampa Bay"

Director: James Freeman
Executive Producer: Annapurna Devi Pandey
Co-Director: Karsten Freeman
Running time: 35 mins

‘The Myth of the Buddha’s Birthplace,’ a thirty-six minute video documentary, follows anthropologists James M. Freeman and Annapurna Devi Pandey as they investigate a controversial claim about the true origin of the Buddha. Returning to Kapileswar, a small village in the state of Odisha, eastern India that Freeman first visited in 1962, Freeman and Pandey search for an ancient stone inscription, which was discovered in Kapileswar nearly a century ago but has since mysteriously vanished. This stone inscription, so it is said, proclaims Kapileswar to be the birthplace of the Buddha. This claim runs counter to all established theories, since Nepal is generally accepted to be the birthplace of the Buddha.

In searching for the lost inscription, Freeman and Pandey make an unexpected and significant discovery. The villagers of Kapileswar have created a new myth about the Buddha’s birth and a new ritual based on this myth. ‘The Myth of the Buddha’s Birthplace’ shows how a modern myth has been created and answers the questions of the authenticity of the Kapileswar stone inscription and the credibility of the Kapileswar birthplace claim."-Source: 

Ram Krishna Shrestha, Global Coordinator of Lumbini Kapilvastu Day Campaign has suggested me to contact Mr. Bijay Kumar Dhakal along with other few people who are actively campaigning in spreading the truth about and promoting the birth place of Buddha, Lumbini in Nepal. 

I am quite impressed with his thought who shared about Lumbini and other national prides and symbols of Nepal in the meeting as well as in the facebook group written with the titled "HUNGER NO LONGER" that stated as follows:

Some time I think why we have not a small taste of development in Nation either sufficient resources or nature presents/gift. Nepal is one of the well known country with having own history as nation in the world. Here are living heritage as LUMBINI (where Gautam Buddha was born in Lumbin, Nepal). Pashupati nath (The Father of Universe). Janaki temple in Janakpur (where mother Sita was born in Janakpur, Dhanusha, Nepal) and Highest peak of the world is Mount Everest in Nepal. And we are 2nd richest country for hydro resources (first is Brazil) in the world.
LUMBINI:- LUMBINI is a best and holiest place for entire Buddhist and Buddha believers in the world and the world have 1 Billion Buddhist. LUMBINI is the place to visit a dream for entire Buddhist and believers as other pilgrimage of religion (Jerusalem for Christian, Mecca for Muslim and Pashupatinath for Hindu). Nepal has highly potential for 10 million tourist to visit Lumbin each year (1% of total Buddhist population). And the hope of development is looking here to change the western Terrain belt and looking hope to make cheery chick of Shrunken face/ Mouth and stomach. Western belt is passing their life in big hunger problem and they never may thought for good food, good wearing and good living. Always they are surrounded by poverty and poorness. Some where they are practical and familiar looking with that scarcity because they have no ideal what is the real life and real world.

We could not change their direct life but we could generate the resources for their basic and fundamental change. And LUMBINI is the great way for a small development for whole nation by bringing 10 millions pilgrims/tourist from Buddhist Community and believers. This will change to our neighbor country and their citizen life too.

Pashupathi Nath:- God Shiva is known as father of Universe and entire Hindu and believers have a dream to visit Pashupathi Nath one time in life and the Pashupati Nath foundation have to home work for 5 million pilgrim/tourist to bring from entire Hindu Community and believers each year. 5 million tourists may change city life and Development very broadly.

Janaki Temple: Janaki temple is a place where mother Sita (Ram's Wife) has bron in Janakpur, Nepal. And Janakpur has very old history as Hindu beliefs. Janaki temple is well known as heritage in the world for entire Global Hindu citizen and could be potential for Hindu Pilgrims/tourist 5 million each year and it's plenty for eastern development and changing the life with peace from war. Unemployment is a major cause to create violent and very uncertainty environment everywhere. Peace is sign of prosperity and prosperity is a way of peace. And development is a key for all changing and happiness. Please do not watch the face of Government just you start from your point and sharing small time for changing your place because you are maker of the world.

Mount Everest: Mount Everest is a proud for world as highest peak and is increasing as a dream to visit by Global Citizens. Mount Everest is a peak where we could not reach without basic training and exercises (6 month to 1 year). Even though we have to pay a huge amount of sum to Nepal Government/ authority as excise for climbing on Mount Everest but for visit ( from distance) you can save money and time and could take charms of Mount Everest . we could see the peak from eastern belt of Nepal (if not possible to climb) and much tourist wants to see lively and we have to inform correctly and properly about season to visit for seen sight and area by Nepal Government.

Hydro:- Nepal is 2nd largest county for hydro resources (first is Brazil). This is great gift by nature but some where the gift of nature is turning as curse for SAARC (South Asia Association of Regional Co-operation) country. Nepal has basic power/capacity to supply approximately 25% electricity to the SAARC and SAARC have 19% population of the Globe. This is highly potential reason which could benefit to the world for many developments because we are chained among each to all. But here is 14 hours load shedding/power cuts full length of year whether support for development to the world. Local and International community has to be aware about the possibility that where is the potential of development and produce it to demanding community / world. Because this is not waste of a nation this is the waste for entire Globe.

We always crying for development and changing the nation to the government but when coming the turns to us then showing back and making disappear by self. We should have to sacrifice just small nature that is self centered and self benefit thought. Need to be in chain and little produce positive though for nation. Please do not use the word "what nation gives you" thought to make "what you gave to nation". The Nation could be changed within 10 to 15 years if we produce attention for resources by changing self and friend's thought. PRACTICE FOR BUILDING THE NATION.

Bijay Kumar Dhakal


  1. It is truly disgraceful of Indian Media to make a movie that Buddha was born in India.
    Lumbini is quite a beautiful place and I loved my visit in Lumbini and time spend with people in Lumbini.
    "Truly a remarkable place".

  2. Indeed Lumbini is the Mecca of Buddhist and one beautiful and serene place! One should visit Lumbini once in lifetime.