Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Nepalese youths interest in Politics

It is really surprising to learn that compared to the western world students and Nepalese youths and people are much more interested in political parties politics rather than general public businesses and issues. I have realized this while I was studying in Australia. I noticed that in Australia students are more concerned to their own fellow students issues relating to study and also do student union without carrying political parties political flags and ideologies. 
I don't know whether it is fortunate or unfortunate for the nation to have young people and students having interest in political parties interest. 
"In Nepal there is a considerably large youth base interested and willing to get involved in politics and civil service, but they’re struggling with just how that might be done. Young people may have this idea that they have to become parliamentarians to enter politics, but much more valuable participation is needed.

Young, competent, honest Nepalis must choose to be a part of the political process and contribute their perspective, talents and ethics as civil servants, politicians, local administrators and such. It’s relatively easy to stand outside a building and shout, or gather signatures for a petition, or organize a sit-in. Again, make no mistake, these actions are needed. But what’s also needed is for Nepali youth to roll up their sleeves and pitch in, and participate “inside” the political and governance systems and institutions. As painful and distasteful as that may seem to some, this is the only way of closing the trust gap and enabling change." Source:

And due to the large number of population are under the poverty line (31%) and living in rural Nepal (83%) huge number of youths and people are influence with the communist/socialist political ideologies that's why either they are affiliated with Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist) and Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and their different students and other wings. So, it might be wise form them to learn how they can rise or success in their political career. Here is a lesson to be learn from Chinese Communist Party.

Almost all will be career politicians who have risen through the ranks. But what are the secrets of success in one of the world's most rigid authoritarian systems?

1. Start young
In 2011, 22 million people applied and only 3m were accepted. Overall membership rose slightly to 83 million, making it arguably the largest private club in the world.

People want to join for different reasons. Membership brings high status and significant privileges, like access to restricted information, government jobs and a chance to meet people who can help your job prospects. For others, joining is about sacrifice and wanting to contribute to China's future.

2. Choose your faction
3. Study morality
4. Don't flaunt it
5. Be male
6. Don't stand out
7. Work somewhere poor
8. Be ruthless

Learn detail about this points from

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