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Evidence shows Nepalese Rulers Failure to govern the nation

It is not the BLAME GAME and also Not to point out any castes/ethnicity specifically since I don't like criticising, condemning and blaming based on any castes/ethnicity. 

However, in the case of Nepal and also in research findings we always analyze our data based on age, sex, literacy status, occupation, caste/ethnicity, religion, region, etc because these factors play key roles in the outcomes or findings.

So, in the context of Nepal since there is a conflict going on among different groups based on their castes/ethnicity so I thought why NOT look back to date who have ruled our nation. 

Looking at the background of Past rulers from 1799 to 2012 A.D. almost all of the rulers were from so-called higher castes Chhetri and Brahman.

Since 1799 AD to date (2012) in 213 years period rulers (PMs and Kings) of Nepal were total 36 people of them who became rulers for 66 times they ruled the nation. Among those 36 rulers who ruled the nation 66 times [1]:

- Chhetri (Thapa, Pande, Rana/Kunwar, Deuba, Chand, Shah, Bista, Chautaria) ruled 42 times;

- Brahman (Koirala, Bhattarai, Dahal, Adhikari, Nepal, Khanal) ruled 23 times; and

- Janajati (Shrestha) ruled 1 time.

These all have proven that Nepal Indian sage manu made upper caste (so-called higher caste) rulers are the MOST failure person in ruling the nation.

I don't know the truth BUT after 1990 to 2012 Brahmin ruled (became a PM) 12 times and Chhetri 9 times.

So, it seems that Chhetri are much better rulers compared to Brahmin in the case of Nepal as history shows since Brahmin are suppose to be a priest and teacher as per their holy scriptures rather than rulers but they have shifted their task. Thus proved to be a failure surname to rule the nation.

As per the history of Nepal first Chhetri had ruled and Brahmin became their advisors and after 2007 BS mostly Brahmin as well as Chhetri (King) ruled the Nation. But Brahmin were always advisors of King and Chhetri.

So, this has also proven that Brahmin are one of the MOST failure in ruling any political parties and the nation since they are NOT born to rule physically but to fool and bull over innocent and ignorant mass as per the history of Nepal illustrate.

What to you think guys as a FREE THINKER and independent citizen of Nepal without having any prejudice in your mindset!

Please Correct me if I'm wrong in making my analysis with limited knowledge about Nepal and Nepali. Thank you!

I shared this posting on my facebook page and people comments as follows:

Hemant Mainali (UK): Bahun can not stick to rule book. They Mend it as they please. This has happened even on religious matter. Neither the bahun are visionary,very short sighted. That's my opinion.
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Laxmi Tamang: If Nepalese so-called higher castes wanted caste system in Nepal can be abolished in practice since officially it has been abolished in 1962 but it seems that they don't want to do so. 

Priests are the one who are holding this caste system that can be easily abolished if priests and politicians sit and come up in decision to do so since all priests are Brahman who created and promoted casteism and almost all major political parties leaders are Brahman. What do you say Bashu Dev Lohanii bro, Hemant Mainali bro, Yam B Chand sir and Bhim Barma sir?
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Laxmi Tamang: Instead of saying Bahun/Chhetri why NOT have Khas since Khas is an ethnicity it is not a caste as far as I understand and I think Khas include Bahun/Chhetri, Sanyashi and Dalit as well
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Hemant Mainali: There are a lot of things that can be done by proper research & policy making. We should not exploit any vacuum of social injustice instead educate & guide public to humane way. As per khas I am not very aware but parbate is for pahadi bahun chhetri. The khas is for far western identity & culture including kumaoun India.
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Laxmi Tamang: Whoever rule the nation doesn't matter but there should be JUSTICE, PROSPERITY and FREEDOM which is not happening since last 213 years as history and past show. I'm not supporting any Janajati and I'm a FREE THINKER and JUSTICE, FREEDOM, PEACE and PROSPERITY SEEKER and want to see Nepal as one of the richest and prosperous nation in the world in coming 15-20 years before I die!
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Hemant Mainali: I support janjati as much as janjati themselves. I believe I am free thinker not supporting any party or religion caste system. However janjatti should be able to judge and have a proper look into matter of current crisis. They should not play into hands of any party if they want to establish themselves as equal to bahun chhetri and promote their identity through federalism. So far this federalism and janjatti issues have been exploited by current government. Baburam should tell clearly how & what happened and their intention to find solution to the nation.
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Binod Rai: Janajati just blame leaders for not doing good but they never felt that how hard it is to lead the nation and to be a leader.janajati are full of egostic people who always wants to lead and think themselves better.the major problem in janajati iv seen is that they are scatter in several political partys carrying their own ideologies and thoughts.janajati should unite and should take the step very seriously.if they fail this time than they will never get another oppourtunity like this...
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Laxmi Tamang: Hehehehe! Binod Rai ji your mindset is corrupt since you might think in that way since to date none of the Janajati being a nature lover and born in the nature had never ever thought and acted upon to lead the nation because they know very well that they are not born to lead anyone but give up and suffer and live on as per the natural gifted freedom because Living for Others is the Rule of Nature!! 

If we believe that our RELIGION is based on the RULE of Nature then we must understand that:

Nothing in nature lives for itself
Rivers don’t drink their own water
Trees don’t eat their own fruit
Sun doesn't give heat for itself
Flowers don’t spread fragrance for themselves....

So, we human beings have to help and support others rather than being a selfish and greedy always thinking about SELF and own kids and families if we believe that we respect and follow the RULE of Nature!
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha (Australia): Hemant Mainali ji, I also could say I was not a Newar because my ancestors were recorded to have immigrated from India. Since we have integrated into one culture, one language, and one heritage despite we are different; we are now Newar. Likewise, the same applies with Khas peoples whether or not they were indigeous of western Nepal, Kumaon region or immigrants as they share the same language, culture and the heritage.
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Laxmi Tamang: Hehehe! Dravin Bahadur Shrestha bro if you are not Newar then was is your ethnicity ni despite you are migrated from Nepal and we Tamang also migrated from Tibet or China not quite sure. In Nepal, I think everyone is migrated from else
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: I reckon you forgot to read this line Laxmi dd.  "Since we have integrated into one culture, one language, and one heritage despite we are different; we are now Newar"
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Laxmi Tamang: I read it but wonder who was your ancestor ni. Indian Brahmin ho ki chhetri ho ki, etc ke ho banya
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: Yes, Indian Brahman immigrated along with Licchavis. We are Acharyas and our kin still practices it. But I don't.
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Laxmi Tamang: Okay! But can't you guys write Brahman if know the history then just asking hai!
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: We are called Achaju in our neighborhood which means Acharya in Sanskrit. But, our purohits are Rojopadhyaya as they are even higher than us due to their level of practicing priesthood.
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Laxmi Tamang: Okay! then why write Shrestha ni ta just am curious to know because we can correct the mistake if known the truth ni. Hoina ra!!
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: My father wanted to correct it but CDO office didnot allow it to change it as the surname in the citizenship already been recorded as Shrestha, which was changed by my grandfather as he already quit practicing it.
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Laxmi Tamang: Okay! Interesting!! But your kids can do so! My brother changed their surname from Tamang to Bomzan
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: But the good part in Newa: society is we don't look down on others. All treated equally in the neighbourhood.
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शाश्वत इन्स्टिंक्ट (Bashu Dev Lohani from USA): Dravin Bahadur Shrestha ji, from my observation growing up in Kathmandu, Newahs do not look down on others(ethnic groups) but they do look down upon their own people because of existing caste system. A Maharjan friend of mine tried to marry a Shahi girl and there was a huge fiasco, eventually the Guthi divided and the marriage took place. I found the deep rooted caste system in the Newa: community.
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Laxmi Tamang: Sadly deep rooted caste system in Newar family is the gift of Jayasthiti Malla. You are right Bashu Dev Lohani ji my friends who are Maharjan feel discriminated from upper caste of Newar
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: I do agree with you Shaswat jee, this is totally insane. But, in neighbourhood, during community work everyone takes part equally and contributes as much as they can unlike in the Khas community where their own people are treated like animals.
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शाश्वत इन्स्टिंक्ट: Yes, Newahs are not as miser as Bahuns and their caste system is within themselves.
Bahunbaad in Newah and Madheshi community is more of a social problem where as Bahunbaad among the Hill people is a political problem, because they were politically instituted after the formation of modern Nepal and affects people of other ethnic group.
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Laxmi Tamang: WHY caste system doesn't want to abolish by Bahun in Nepal? WHY they love to hook up despite they know it is shameful to give own identity as a higher caste, especially in the international world I suppose. Don't you think so? or Bahun doesn't feel shame to identify as a higher caste?
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: What about Jayasthiti Mallas practice of institutionalising caste system? Newars have not been changed. So it's not a political problem and you can't esacape saying that. It's the individual who brag about themselves as they are supreme of the rest. Even you are not referring to yourself as Khas. Am I right?
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Laxmi Tamang: Indeed! It is not just a POLITICAL problem it is a POWER related issue ho among hill brahman
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: What about Jayasthiti Mallas practice of institutionalising caste system? The so called high class Newars could have been more aggressive discriminating others but this never happened. They have not been changed. So it's not a political problem and you can't esacape saying that. It's the individual who brag about themselves as they are supreme of the rest. Even you are not referring to yourself as Khas. Am I right?
You call your own fellow people dalit which itself means so called low caste or untouchable. I see no difference in calling someone a dalit or achhut. They both the same and the people still are reluctant to correct this unaccetable word throw out of the language of constitution. And how do we see the changes?
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शाश्वत इन्स्टिंक्ट: I always say achhut to refer to the so called dalit. Dalits are everyone who is oppressed, the problem of untouchables can't be euphemised as dalit. When I say political, it is definitely power related. Political problems must be solved first, then social. I am not talking about escaping from the problem.
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Laxmi Tamang: Even after 50 years or over Nepal and India caste system related issue never ever going to solve because our so-called higher castes people don't want to be an EQUAL I suppose
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: So who is oppressed? Me? Them? Us? C'mmon mate. They are khas underprivileged peoples as we alo have some underprivileged in our Newar community too. Please don't twist it around.
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Laxmi Tamang: Hehehehe! Our higher caste people always like to twist and manipulate the situation and words. I love that bai since it is an innate character of them if I understood reading the history and some veda and holy scriptuers verses and hymms
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शाश्वत इन्स्टिंक्ट: Women are oppressed, your ethnic group is oppressed, Madheshis are oppressed, poor are oppressed and many others are oppressed. But the oppression the so called dalits face is untouchability and social outcast which is worst of all, so the word dalit is not strong enough to label the group of people who face the problem of untouchability and social outcast. That is all I am saying.
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Laxmi Tamang: Dalit faced triple oppression in India and Nepal but they LOVE to face it since they are the gift of Brahma ho ni their god! Isn't that cool God who made them to be oppressed and served their higher castes brothers and sisters!
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: So are all we Dalits? Is that what you want to say?
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Laxmi Tamang: Apart from Bahun/Chhetri others are DALIT by products of Bahun who married with other castes!
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शाश्वत इन्स्टिंक्ट: दलित हैन अछुत भन्नु पर्छ, सोशण जे हो त्यसैलाई त्यै शब्द ले जनाउनु पर्छ। दलनमा परेका दलित त नेपालमा धेरै छन्, तर दमाइ कामी सार्की पोडे डोम मुसहर हरूले जुन समस्या भोगेका छन् त्यो छुवाछुत र सामाजिक बहिस्कारको हो, त्यसैले दलित भनिएका समूहलाई दलित हैन अछुत भनिनुपर्दछ, किनकी त्यहि नै यथार्थ हो, दलित शब्दले यो शोशणको मर्मलाई समेट्दैन।
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: They are Khas peoples as you are. Why do you deliberatley marginalize them? Why do you deliberately outcast them?
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Laxmi Tamang: Bahun doesn't like to claim an identify themselves as a Khas because Khas include all Bahun/Chhetri and Dalit so if Bahun claim Khas they think that they are lower caste
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शाश्वत इन्स्टिंक्ट: What do you mean 'you deliberately marginalize them'? I am fighting against the caste system.
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: "दलित हैन अछुत भन्नु पर्छ, सोशण जे हो त्यसैलाई त्यै शब्द ले जनाउनु पर्छ।"
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शाश्वत इन्स्टिंक्ट: नेपालमा बाहुन छेत्री कामी दमाइ सार्की एउटै जाति(खस-आर्य)भित्रका बिभिन्न जातहरू हुन्,यिनीहरूको मात्रिभाषा पनि एउटै छ, धर्म पनि एउटै मान्दछन्, र इतिहास पनि एउटै हो। तर जनगणना गर्दा यिनीहरूलाई एउटै जातिको अन्तर्गत नराखिकन छुट्टा छुट्ट्टै कित्तमा राखेर पो गणना गरिदो रहेछ, मानौ की यिनीहरू मगर, नेवा:, गुरुङ आदि जस्तै छुट्टा छुट्टै जातिका हुन्।

यसरी एउटै जाति भित्रको जनसंख्यालाई पनि पारिवारिक प्रिस्टभूमीको आधारमा कोहि बाहुन, कोहि छेत्री, कोहि कामी आदि भनेर बर्गिक्रित गर्नाले जन्मैको आधारमा कोहि बाहुन(उपल्लो जात), कोहि छेत्री(तल्लो जात) र कोहि अछुत शुद्र(दमै, कामी, सार्की)हुन्छ भन्ने हाम्रो कुपरम्पराअलाई मन्यता दिएको ठहर्छ। राज्यसत्ताले यसरी जातको आधारमा जनगणना गरेर हाम्रो समाजमा सामजिक कलंक को रूपमा रहेको जातप्रथा/अछुतप्रथालाई प्रस्रय दिन खोजेको प्रस्ट हुन्छ। हाम्रो बर्तमान राज्यसत्ता कति सम्म बाहुनबादी छ भन्ने कुराको ज्वलन्त उदाहरण हो यो।

यदि यस्तै अवस्था रहि रहने हो भने नेपालबाट अछुतप्रथा अर्को १०० बर्षमा पनि हट्दैन। फलत: हाम्रो समाज बिभजित नै रहि रहन्छ, असमानता रहि नै रहन्छ। जब समाजमा असमानता रहन्छ तब त्यहा न्याय हुदैन, न्याय नभैकन शान्ति पनि हुदैन। कलह नै कलहमा अल्झिरहनु पर्ने कठ्ठै हाम्रो नेपालको समाज!!

शाब्दिक अर्थमा भन्नु पर्दा जस्तो सुकै दलनमा परेका हरूलाई दलित भन्न मिल्छ, चाहे त्यो महिला होस्, या मधेशि, या अन्य कोहि गरीब कमारो कमारी, तर नेपालमा ‘दलित’ भनिएका हरु त छुवाछुतबात पिडित भएका छन्, त्यसैले यो समुदाएलाई जनाउदा म दलित हैन, अछुत नै भन्ने गर्दछु, ताकी यो शब्द प्रयोग गर्दा हरेक पल्ट याद आओस्, की कस्तो घिनलाग्दो प्रथा हो यो भन्ने कुरो, र यस्तो प्रथालाई पालिराख्ने कस्ता घिन्लाग्दो मानसिकताको छ हाम्रो नेपालि समाज र हामि नेपालिहरू।

बाहुनबादको बिरुद्धमा अब नेपालमा तुफान ल्याउनुपर्छ, जबसम्म जातप्रथा हत्डैन छुवाछुत रहि नै रहन्छ,तसर्थ अबको बैचारिक लडाईं भनेको जातप्रथा तथा त्यसलाई प्रस्रय दिने मुल दर्शन सँग नै हुनेछ। नेपालि समाजका अछुतलाई ‘आर्य’ को लेबल भिडाएर त यो समस्या टसको मस हुदैन, अबको केही बर्ष नेपालि बैचारिक समाजको हड्डिमा गाढिएर रहेका बीचार मूल्य मान्यता हरूलाई चिरफार गरेरै बिताउनुपर्छ।
"नेपालको सरकारी नितिले जातप्रथा लाई सघाउ पुर्याइरहेको ज्वलन्त उदाहरण!"

Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: Underprivileged would be the appropriate word for the deprived peoples. Since the dictionary meaning of dalit is untouchables or lower castes, it will not be acceptable anymore to label someone with this name. Losing the rights not to use mother tongue officially does not necessarily make me a Dalit. Does it?
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शाश्वत इन्स्टिंक्ट: A poor bahun is underprivileged, but he is not untouchable and socially outcast, a poor Tamang is underprivileged but he is not untouchable and socially outcast as a 'dalit', but a damai, in addition to being underprivileged is also socially outcast and untouchable, his problem is different and severe than any other underprivileged people, his problem is untouchability, and so the problem should be labelled as what is unique about the problem.
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Laxmi Tamang: Yes, but that's what Bahun and Dalit wanted Bashu Dev Lohani ji
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: This is our problem not theirs. Our constitution must abolish such terminologies which still encourage to demarcate and constantly violate the human rights.
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: Why do you bring up the term bahuns all the time? Do I call myself bahun? See the difference. This is your problem.
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Laxmi Tamang: But as I said Dravin Bahadur Shrestha bro Bahun leaders and priests including scholars don't want to lose their supremacy feelings and thoughts because they don't want them to see at the level of EQUAL ni
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शाश्वत इन्स्टिंक्ट: Just because I don't bring a term does not mean that it does not exist. I bring it up because it exists. Who do you think restrict others from entering the temple citing caste? Bahuns. Who do you think enforce caste system in our society? Bahuns. Therefore I use the term.
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: What we can do to help them out? Set a special reservation for them for certain period of time who are accute underprivileged and to those who are mild underprivileged. We will see the diffrence dramatically.
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शाश्वत इन्स्टिंक्ट: Reservation will not help, they need political power.
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: It exists because we don't want to abolish it despite it is unconstitutional and why we cant get rid of it because our constitution has a loophole.  Ok that would be great.
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शाश्वत इन्स्टिंक्ट: Legally it was abolished long time ago, but socially it still exists because the bahuns enforce it, what loophole have you found in the constitution?
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Laxmi Tamang: Dravin Bahadur Shrestha bro reservation is not the longer term solution. The longer term solution is to abolish caste system for the MINDSET of people first then automatically it will disappear from the society BUT priests, scholars and politicians and government don't want that. I came to know from Far and midwestern people the quota of far and mid western are taking by higher castes people who are living in Nepalgunj and Kathmandu teaching their kids, Not the real needy rural people
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: What is wrongly addressed in the interim constitution of Nepal 2007?

There is an ambiguity and is a misleading while addressing the equality in our constitution which is as follows - "Everyone is equal, and there must be no discrimination just because a person is of a certain sex, or ethnic group or caste, or speaks a certain language or believes in a certain religion." A SIMPLE GUIDE TO THE INTERIM CONSTITUTION OF NEPAL 2007, Interim Constitution 2007 AD.

"Ethnic group or caste!?"

What is this? Why the constitution is not yet clear about an ethnic group and a caste? It means that the constitution of Nepal still believes in erroneous hindu vedic varnashram or the caste based classification. The constitution is notably ambiguous about ethnic group and caste. As we all know that ethnic group and caste are two distinct terms, why the hell this constitution uses such erroneous term "caste"?. Doesn't it likely to tell us clearly that Newa:, Tamang, Gurung, Kirat, Limbu, Sherpa are castes as Brahmans and Chettris? Actually, the Khas people do not refer themselves to "Khas" which is an ethnic group is in fact, so called Brahmin, Chhetriyas, Dashnami, Thakuris, and so called Dalits belong to it. -

Please look at Interim Constitution of Nepal 2007, Preamble 13. Right to equality

(1) All citizens shall be equal before the law. No person shall be denied the equal protection of the laws.

(2) There shall be no discrimination against any citizen in the application of general laws on grounds of religion, race, gender, caste, tribe, origin, language or ideological conviction or any of these.

Again, on one hand it says "all citizens shall be equal before the law. No person shall be denied the equal protection of the laws.", on the other hand, it says "There shall be no discrimination against any citizen in the application of general laws on grounds of religion, race, gender, caste, tribe, origin, language or ideological conviction or any of these."

Caste? Why not ethnic group? It's because so called Brahmin, Chhetriyas do not refer "Khas" to themselves.
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Laxmi Tamang: There is a feeling of SHAME among Brahman ke bro! Nothing more than that hau! SHAME and FEAR and loosing POWER and STATUS is the main issue among Bahun priests, scholars and rulers ho
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: I am shocked to learn more about these prepetrators. Shame!
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Laxmi Tamang: There are 5 things people run for Name, FAME, POWER, MONEY and SEX. There are 2 things FEAR of Shame and LOOSING about above 5 things!
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शाश्वत इन्स्टिंक्ट Dravin Bahadur Shrestha ji, the constitution should mention caste because caste system exists in our society, it is a problem and there fore we can't ignore it. The caste system in not just within one ethnic group, there are untouchables in Madheshis as well, so whether the bahuns consider themselves as khas or not has nothing to do with solving caste problem. Think of a situation, if someone is barred from entering into a temple based on caste, and how would the culprit be trialed if there is no mention of caste in the constitution?
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Laxmi Tamang: Bashu Dev Lohani ji BUT if priests WANTED they can abolish caste system in Nepalese society ke please believe me since Priests are the super ideas giver and rulers of Nepalese society ke
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: Sashwot instinct ji, Please do not try to defend faulty mechanism. We need a bold person unlike you, I am sorry, to step up say loudly that our constitution is erroneous. Never ever blame on the society. It's nothing to do with society it's an individual who builds it either good or bad.
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शाश्वत इन्स्टिंक्ट: Of course, if they wanted they can, I am saying this all along, they don't want, therefore we have to step up.
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: Who makes them follow it? It's us based on the constitution and law.
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शाश्वत इन्स्टिंक्ट: So if the constitution does not mention caste, then how will it help fighting against the caste problem?
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: Let's amend it first and you will witness it by yourself. Law and power sharing as you mentioned earlier. A fair proportion of power sharing mechanism should be implemented. Top of that the guaranteed and constant economic growth and socio-economic development are the factors contribute the continuity of law and order.
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शाश्वत इन्स्टिंक्ट :So the US constitution says there should be no discrimination against race, does that mean the US constitution approves race? If they find a case of racism, then the culprit will be trialed as per the laws made against racism. If there were no mention of race in the constitution, then there would be no laws made against racism, then if a restaurant does not let a person in because the person is black then how would the restaurant be punished?
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: In Nepal's case, the caste is deliberately put in the constitution. Racism is pandemic. In American constitution we don't see White, Black, Latinas. Do you?
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Laxmi Tamang: Hehehehe! I love the two higher caste (Bahun) brothers discussion since One is opposing and protecting to keep it as it exists in society covertly and another one is trying to eliminate from the society the caste system
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शाश्वत इन्स्टिंक्ट: Dravin Bahadur Shrestha ji, Do you see Damai, Pode, Chyame, Dom, Musahar in our constitution?
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: Sahowt instinct ji, Why are you making a fool of yourself? Damai is Khas but look what they have done to Damai? They are labelled a Dalits which is in fact an untochable caste. If they refer to themselves as Khas, there would not have been caste mentioned in the constitution. That would have been ethnic group. 

For your kind information Pode and Chyames are Newars not Dalits. Please don't mix up.

Actually, In newar, we don't call Chyame. It's the khas peoples who call them such. They are Chyamha: Khala: which mean Eight clans or groups. There is another family or clan who are called Dyola:, resides in main temple. They interact with everyone, resides in temple, touch each other, a perfect picture of social harmony.
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Laxmi Tamang: It seems that Dravin Bahadur Shrestha bro being a Bahun enjoying belonging to a Newah I suppose since you support the fact about Newah rather than being Acharya like our Bashu Dev Lohani bro! 
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: I am not brahman anymore Laxmi dd.
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शाश्वत इन्स्टिंक्ट: Just coz you enlist Damai under Khas(which I would like to see as I have mentioned above), untouchability does not cease to exist. There are untouchables in Madhesh, what ethnic group would you want them to enlist under? And if there will be a caste based discrimination, how would you punish the culprit if you omit punishment against caste based discrimination from the constitution by not metioning it in the constitution?
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: So you think it is alright to leave it like that? Constitution is the law made by the people for the people. If it has a loophole in it how do we gurantee that we overcome such problem? Law enforcement and severe punishment only overcome such problems. Lets enforce it from today and amend the bloody faulty constitution.
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शाश्वत इन्स्टिंक्ट: I am for making stronger law and giving all power to the people. Under federalism that I am envisioning, local people will have the most power, making and enforcing laws will be easier and quicker, so whatever mechanism needed to eradicate untouchability, it will be formed locally via direct democracy.
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Dravin Bahadur Shrestha: Lets hope shaswat jee.
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Yam B Chand (Canada): Laxmiji, FYI, from the first line of Nepali PMs, Shah, Chand, Rana and Bista are not Chhetris, Bista (Kirtinidhi Bista) is a Bahun, Chautaria is not a caste but a Position, which was only given to siblings of the King and rest Shah, Rana and Chand are Thakuris. In Nepal there is a difference between Thakuri and Chhetri. So, Chhetri PMs were Thapa, Pande and Deuba only. I don't blame you, as you might have copy pasted the above info.
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Laxmi Tamang: Thank you Yam B Chand sir for clarifying about the castes of the past rulers. Hehehe! I didn't copy and past I just analysed it from the given above link. Regarding Bista is it Bahun because in my home town Bista we've Chhetri and about Thakuri where do they fall in varna system that we've 4 i.e. Brahman, Chhetri, Vaisna and Sudra. I thought that Thakuri fall under 2nd group so classified based on that since they are definately not in the 1st group as per the Muluki Ain as well. Please correct me if I'm misunderstood.
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Yam B Chand: No problem Laxmiji,You r right most of Bistas we find in Nepal are Chhetris, but our former PM KN Bista is a Bahun, as such he writes Nidhi as his middle name, mostly used by Bahuns. As for Thakuris (only in Nepal), Jungbahadur Rana while taking Rana title wanted to make sure thatThakuris must be something special, so the practice was to write (as per social echelon of Tagadharis like, Bahun (Upadhdhaya), Thakuri(Rajput), Bahun (Jaisi), Chhetri, Newar Bahun, Indian Bahun, Sanyasi and various Newar castes... as per his First Civil Code of 1854. This was more or less practice even in Indian small Kingdoms ruled by Hindu Royals under British.
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Laxmi Tamang: Yeah! I also came to know about that complex caste system in Nepal introduced by Jayasthiti Malla. By the way, I came to know that Rana is Kunwar Chhetri so how come they became Thakuri ni pheri so complicated to understand. If Nepali so-called higher castes don't abolsihed caste system practice in our society Nepal sociopolitical issues never ever going to solve even after 100 years I suppose. If so-called higher cases wanted they can but they don't want sadly to abolish it. Unfortunate of Nepal mum! 


1. Liste of past rulers of Nepal accessed from


  1. A lot of revealing insights in this conversation. What I'd like to add in this, as a Newar, I personally think Newars are very communal and discriminatory. I don't know why Dravin Bahadur Shrestha jee is trying to paint a picture of Newars as if we live in absolute harmony, but the fact is caste-ism is alive and kicking even now. My family had this fiasco over my cousin who was dating this Thakuri girl. All the elders were against their relationship (they had no plans of getting married mind you), but still some of my family members thought even boyfriend/girlfriend was totally out of the question. And marrying someone "lower" within the Newar hierarchy is even more taboo, still is.

    And about Nepali PMs, it should be noted that Ganesh Man Singh (Newar) was offered the post by King Birendra, but he declined.

    1. In fact, I agreed with you caste based discrimination is widely prevailed even in Newar community as well since they are also classifed by Janga Bahadur Rana's Muluki Ain into different occupational groups as per the similar varna classification as per the law of manu. My Jyapu friends had shared me that they are looked down by priestly caste of Newar community and even by Shrestha and else.

      Regarding Ganesh Man Singh Shrestha yeah am also aware about him.