Thursday, 3 January 2013

People view and experience about Nepalese women and sex

Today in one of the facebook group of Indian friends in the discussion one of the Indian male friend said:

"When i had gone to nepal 6 years ago ..I saw that husband were selling their wives happily to people for wine and chicken ..You could stay in their house and do party etc and as long as u spent money everthing was ok .. I was really surprised.

I love nepali people as i had many nepali friends including Punchuk Lama whose father use to be the pilot of the king ..and Vishal Gurung etc ..I even could speak nepali b4 but now I forgot I had taken it as a 2nd language in my school."

Then I posted above information on my wall and people commented like this.

Nepali Manoj Saud: That means he had met only one person in Nepal. Do all Indian people do gang rape in moving bus ???

Laxmi Tamang: We've to accept the fact. Shouldn't be aggressive if some raise the reality bro if we want to improve our nation.

Nepali Manoj Saud: I'm agree with you Laxmi sister, but he must congratulate us for getting you as the real daughter of Nepal? Everyday i read your status . I have been studying your activities and getting inspired, i know how much you are worried for the nation. We must see the both sides, we have so many things to be proud. We must search the idea to solve the problem not to rise it just to dominate others. I know we Nepalese peoples are very back still we are fighting against the caste, conservative and traditional thought even the world is fighting for the space leaving the earth back.

Dr. Meena Paudel: Making assumption without having deep knowledge of society and studying the political dimension of social fabric does not help. No husband or parents sell their female for a wine without having structural back up, I studied and still studying human trafficking, for more than two decades, as social phenomenon how it operates and who to blame – its structural issues. The man claiming has no basis and we cannot generalize statement without basis.

Laxmi Tamang: Yeah! Meena Poudel dd. I agree with you we shouldn't make any assumption without having deep knowledge about the society and political dimension of social fabric that promoted sex trade in Nepal. It is just the case of one he had reported and we shouldn't generalize it. But having said that we've heard many such stories from Nuwakot, Sindulpalchowk, Makwanpur, etc mainly from Tamang community. So, might be in some extent we can accept the bitter fact of particular community in particular area but not definitely as a whole because past rulers to genocide and keep moral down of this community people used their girls as a sex slave and later also started to sell their girls to British East India Company troops. However, I might bias and prejudice but so far what I have read and heard am just sharing my views. "In Nepal, Tamang community is the number one in supplying and selling their daughters to India. As there are open borders between India and Nepal, trafficking is increasing day to day. "In the late 17th century, the brothel area of Kamathipura was first established to service British troops in what was then called Bombay, India."

Dr Meena Poudel: What you have read and heard are totally false stories, Tamang and certain social groups are stigmatized by dominant and caste, no Tamang family sell their females, trafficking is political issue and linked with cultural assumption of female sexuality in our feudal society, please don’t trust all these fictional stories created by some groups who have no grounded knowledge on issue and ethnic marginalization. These fictional stories are being created for limited interest and they don’t represent wider social reality. There was a great role of colonial administration to flourish trafficking in south asia but what is written in link is wrong, don’t blame already excluded social groups of society.

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