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Identity of Nepal and Nepalese Men: DEADLIEST Warrior

While reading and hearing about Nepalese men reputation and identity in the world mainly connecting with rapes, violence, crimes, corruption, greedy, selfishness and cunning due to the incidents and events that are going on in Nepal since the establishment of democracy in 1990 it is glad to learn that Nepal Mother identity in the World is also carries positively by our Men!!

In the very first day of the New Year 2013 one of members of the "संघीयताको विषयमा खुल्ला बहस" facebook group posted saying "What other people says about the Gorkha British Army? Lets watch this video.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_Vk6EsfHlI. This group has 6635 members from diverse background. 

It is the video titled "DEADLIEST WARRIOR - French Foreign Legion vs. Nepal Gurkhas"

I responded him saying, I think to be known as a DEADLIEST WARRIOR" to the Gorkha British Army the CREDIT goes to the past rulers and British who made them Deadliest Warriors in the world. 

Here is the evidence how they made them so. 

"The British were also not very happy with the Gorkhas. The Gorkhas hadtasted the blood, and did not give up violence. In this way , they conquered all the hill states. The Gorkha turned the country into a “ forbidden land”. As long as the country remained closed up, the British were not disturbed. But in 1789, the Gorkhas became crazy and went to war with China and England. Britain’s General Ochterlony said, “ We have to keep the Gorkhas busy so that other things besides conquest come to their minds.”

Lord Hastings wrote in his diary in 1817, “ To bring peace in Nepal, the Gorkhas must be kept busy and far from their country.”

This policy led to the recruitment of Gorkha soldiers into British army. The Nepal government took one-third of the money sent home by the Gorkhas. It was an important source of income for the government of Nepal.

After the Gorkhas began leaving Nepal , there was peace on the frontier as well as within the country. But there was no peace in the king’s palace. The Shahs fought among themselves. They didn’t care about the country or the people. They remained engrossed in their own interests .

Then came the Kot Parwa, and the Jung Bahadur Rana took over power from the Shah king." 
Source: http://completenepal.wordpress.com/2011/07/06/hidden-history-of-nepal/

Then Himal Tamang from Nepal said "तर हामी आफ्नै देसमा शक्ती बिहिन्,आधिअकार बिहिन नोकर र् शरणारथी जस्ताइ भयएर बाचिरहेका छन्,किन ? यसको दोसी को त ? नेपाली जनता आँफै कि हाम्रो देसको शासक -प्रशाकहरु? भारत दार्जीलिङ,सिक्किमका गोर्खालीलाई हेर्नोस्,भुट्टान्,बुर्मा,सिङ्गापुर, बेलायएत र् अंेरिका कै नेपालीलाई हेर्नोस, गोर्खालिहरु अरु भन्दा कुनै पनि कुरामा कम छैन,तर नेपालमा किन आदिबासी जनजातिहरु हरेक छेत्रमा पछाडि पारी रहेका छन ? उनिहरुको न्यायको लागि,समानता,स्वातन्त्रता,एकता,बिकास ,भासा,सस्कृति,पहिचन्,ईतिहास,भुमि,शिक्षा र् राजनीतिक स्तर बढनको लागि देस अब सङ्घियएतामा नगए नहुने देखिन्छ। संघैयएता भन्नले भारत्,बुर्मा र् स्विजरल्यान्डमा जस्तै हाम्रो देसको लागि नमुना हुन सक्छ।"

My response to him was: Himal Tamang bro to your question हामी आफ्नै देसमा शक्ती बिहिन्,आधिअकार बिहिन नोकर र् शरणअरथी जस्ताइ भयएर बाचिरहेका छन्,किन ? यसको दोसी को त ? answer is so simple all those culprits were PAST rulers whose mind was washed and used by Indian Brahmin Priests who had been hired to make Nepal the first Code of Conduct "MANAV NYAYA SHASTRA" written during the Malla Dynasty by King Jayasthiti Malla in the 14th century along with the help of five learned Indian Brahmin persons; Kirtinath Upadhyaya Kanyakubja, Raghunath Jha Maithili, Srinath Bhatta, Mahinath Bhatta, and Ramanath Jha. The Manab Nyaya Shastra was consequently written after the study of Manu Smriti (The LAW of MANU), Yagyawalkya Smriti, Mitachhyara Tika, Brihaspati Smriti, Narad Smriti and other holy texts. It was written concentrating on the practices that prevailed in the society then. The Manab Nyaya Shastra has introduced many legal provisions regarding houses, lands, castes, dead bodies etc. It was the major source of rendering justice during the medieval period. Much influence of religion can be found in the laws then. Source: Khanal Rewatiraman,Nepal ko Kanuni Itihash ko Ruprekha. 

The PAST ruler's who were hunger of POWER and their advisors who were priests were the main culprits in my understanding because they later again written Muluki Ain based on the Manav Nyaya Shastra incoporating all the verses of the Law of Manu and else holy texts brought from India.

These are the reasons WHY I keep saying ALL BAHUN and CHHETRI are not the culprits in making Janajati and dalit deprived and marginalised. ONLY those who were priests and advisors of the rulers were the culprits of the present situation of Janajati, Dalit, women and Poor Bahun/Chhetri including others. (Liked by 2 Himanta Mainali from UK and Himal Tamang from Nepal).

Hemant Mainali: Laxmi ji, good on you. You are on the right track of the true history. The kirat kingdom was defeated by lichhivi king dynasty in mandev era. And all kirat and lichhivi were mahadev followers as well as nature followers. As the latter king the Malla dynasty had the connection to India infact the South Indian. Hence some newar are still Buddhist the descendent of lichhivi and mandev and some are Hindus the descendent of Dravidian kings. As of my little knowledge this may not be true but some essence of the history. What I meant as mahadev followers but not Hindu is,the ruling of the land was not based on Hinduism script. But as the nature and mahadev belongs to kirat. Hinduism is an improvised religion by the aryan priests and sages. But the Hindu gods & temples of Nepal are the origin. As the time progressed people follows a culture of the south like we follow today Bollywood fashion.

Laxmi Tamang: Hemant Mainali bro, appreciated for sharing your views, thoughts and opinions. However, what evidence do you've to claim that Hindu Gods and Temples of Nepal are the origin. Love to learn based on the historical facts and evidences. Thank you!

Hemant Mainali: What I meant as the Hindu gods are the origin of Nepal because the Kailash parbat , gosai kunda, muktinath, pashupati nath they were there before the aryan brought the Hinduism from south. and even in kirat and Hindu scripts there is mention of such gods & places. I read a kirat rai document which suggests the kirati kingdom was based upon nature and mahadev worshiping community. 

Laxmi Tamang: Actually, Mount Kailash lies in Tibet and as far as I know Lord Shiva used to live in Mt Kailash BUT how come it became to Hindu. This makes me think and ponder about. Likewise, as you said, I also heard that Kirat kingdom used to worship Mahadev, Shiva. So, it sounds to me that Shiva MUST be Tibetan or Kirat. Similarly, heard from very reliable religious guru that originally Pashupatinath Temple Priests used to be a Buddhist Monks and later after Aryan invasion from south in the present Nepal territory they played tricks to kick out Buddhist Monk and replaced by Indian Priests. Heard that there is still some evidence to prove that. Sounds very interesting to me! 

Hemant Mainali: Yes exactly my thinking. When aryan arrived from their origin in current Iran or Arabia. There were no Hinduism as of today. They did not have any gods or Vedic books. The Vedic books and the gods belong to this current Nepal and India. But the priest of Hinduism are aryans. When they settled on the banks of river sindh, they started to develop and expand their life and territory. and if you look for Hindu gods you find as of the origin they are from Nepal to Kashmir & Baluchistan as well. The Himalayan territory belonged to mahadev for sure but it was not Hinduism but nature orientated. Look for Indian Vedic studies and refer to mahadev.

Himal Tamang: कुरो त ठिकै लक्ष्मी दिज्युले भन्नु भएे जस्ताइ बिभिन्न समयको कल्खन्डमा शासक प्रशासखरु,राजाहरु जसले आफ्नो र आफ्नो जाती समुदय अनुकुलका कानुन् बनायएर् अरु जाति समुदयको भासा,धर्म,सस्क्रिति माथि सोशान् दमान् गरे र इतिहास् मेटाउने काम् गर्यो, अर्को हिन्दू पन्दितहरु, पूजारिहरु जसले धर्मको नाममा राइ,लिम्बु,गुरुङ र् मगरलाई सेना ,प्रहरी र् सरकारी जागिर मा लिने र् हिन्दू बनाउने चलाख वा धुर्त काम गरेर हिन्दू बाहेकका जाती वा जनताहरु माथि शोषन गरेको छ।तेसैले हामी त्यो कालो दिनहरु वा नेपालको कालो त्यो समयको कालखन्डहरुलाई बिर्सिन सक्दैनौ।तर पनि ईतिहास बाट पाठ सिकेर बर्तमान र् भबिश्यको लागि जिउनु पर्छ,ती राजा महाराज हरु र् पन्दित पूजारी हरु त मरेर गए,तर अब तेसको अवसेस्(अङ्स) हरु कहाँ कहाँ छन ? को को हुन ? के के को कारण ले वीर नेपाली जनताहरुको(जनजातिहरुको) शिक्षामा,बिकासमा,भासा,सस्कृति,इतिअह्समा,पहिचनमा,प्रासनमा,राजनितिमा र् राज्यका हरेक छेत्रमा अौनको लागि जुन बाधा हुने सबै अवाशेसहरुलाई पूर्ण रुपामा धोस्त गर्नु पर्दछ। तेसपछी फेरि एक् पटक् नेपालका सबै जात्,जाति,भासा भासी का नेपाली जनता को नयाँ ईतिहास आ-आँफैले लेख्नु पर्दछ,बिकास,शिक्षा,स्वास्थ्य र् राज्यका हरेक क्षेत्र र् स्तरमा नेपालका सबै जात्-जातिले समान हक अधिकार र् अवासर पाउनु पर्दछ।यसको लागि नेपालका अहिलेका -छोटा राजाहरुको अवासेसलाई पूर्ण रुपमा धोस्त पर्नको लागि कुनै पनि कसुर बाँकी राख्नु हुँदैन।
नयाँ कानुनमा पछाडि पारीयएका जाती समुदयलाई बिशेष पग्केज वा प्रोग्रामहरु ल्यएर छिटो भन्दा छिटो तिनिहरुको जीवन स्तर उठायएर शिक्षा,अर्थिक्,प्रासानीक्,रजनितिक र् बौतिक छेत्रमा कोम्पेतेतिभ्(छनौट) भाग -लिन सकने सम्म बनाउनु पर्दछ।

मेरो भिजन भनेको नेपाल यस् प्रकारले बिकास होस्। plz,you may watch this video.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZI-EG1JbE74

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