Monday, 7 January 2013

A youth view about Nepali society and people!!

Today I had a wonderful chatting with a guy who inboxed me below information regarding Nepalese people and their social work and religion promotion.

"Did you know that so many men are advertising about building temple, promoting religion (hinduism and buddism) in western countries, promoting Mt. everest is in Nepal and Buddha was born in Nepal. But not once they have expressed the feeling about the people, women, children, crime that has been happening at home(Nepal). One prime example is Prem Guragain who is in America and wants his name to be published as a history changer. He has no sympathy about the crimes. our Ministers they are just rag-doll, they turn where ever the money and popularity is...........!!

I salute lady like you who comes back home and tries to make difference at home. What is happening today in our country is absolutely unbearable. I can't send my teen sister out on the road without worrying until she comes home.

Rapist are priest, coaches, fathers, brothers, boss.........

I heard, there are so many incidents in developed country in Nepali families. Between Nepali to Nepali each other are unfair, they take sides, most of the time incidents are hidden, if women try to take action against violation, other Nepali who are so called popular try to keep it secret or help predators more than victim. Have you hear of Ajay Dev?

And there is a person Tej Raj Paudel, who lives in USA California had been abusing many young girls and his own wife for many years. His wife couldn't take anymore when he sexually assaulted his own daughter. His wife didn't attend the court (didn't want him to be persecuted) is among everyone in LA and freely partying. The women (mother/wife) protected the daughter, but failed to follow through court dates and kept him outside not in jail. These kind of secrecy need to come out and victims needs to be supported.

It is odd for me to understand even though how a man can rape, abuse and kill woman. Each man are raised and loved by a woman. I am already assertively talking to groups of men about respecting women and supporting victims of each house. bless your heart for working so hard and working for others.

I like your post about penis rules. I realized but you posted, that opened many men's eyes. We've so many disgusting people......I also tell my parents and sisters: not to go to temple and get tika from disgusting prist
I have seen their eyes twinkle when they put tika over young girl's forehead.
specially in Nepal .........BHATE CHOOR PANDIT and NAME KO LAGI KAM GARNE are the worst." 

After having some discusion the above remarks I requested him to introduce himsel. Then he said:  

"I am very simple person, just have lots of respect to pure and hardworking people, and want the society to change positively. I was born and raised in Chitwan, have just college education. My dad died when I was 10, mother raised alone, suffered injustice in the society. As a 10 year old, I became the head of household and started to become breadwinner. I learned to live and protect women, and children and and men in need by experiences. I educate myself by reading books, blogs, news.

I have suffered enough from society, from so called head of the community, unfaithful police and above. I strive the change.......the change that Nepal can experience.
We introduce ourself as having Everest. That is not really true height of ours, we say Buddha was born in our we are not at peace! 
there are so many girls being sexually abused by their won father, brother, mama, grand father. the girl will be sent away to hide those men's shame and the girl suffers forever or they kill her. 
I have not gone to university to get much education, neither have degree or reputable job. I am a labourer, earn just enough to eat. I don't have worry about my future, I will die the way 90% poor Nepalese die. But I want everyone to die with dignity not being a victim.
What else can I say!!!"

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