Saturday, 25 March 2017

Who am I known as Laxmi Tamang? 😇

We are what we talk and speak but not we are what we do and think as per the near and dear intellectual, educated and informed friends and people who know me that's why I am what I talk and speak as they said. So funny to learn about my new identity given by some men and women of my near and dear.
I am racist because I talk and freely express my thoughts on racism.
I am casteist because talk and freely express my thoughts castiesm/caste based discrimination.
I am feminist because I talk and freely express my thoughts on discrimination faced by females.
I am sexist because I talk and freely express my thoughts on discrimination based on sexes
I am Maoist/Communist/ Socialist because I write and freely express my thoughts on social justice, social inclusion, equity and equality of oppressors, suppressors and sufferers.
I am Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, and Islam because I talk against religious dogmatic belief relating to Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam that are against humanity and prosperity of human beings and their society including other living things and beings.
There could be more my identity given by my near and dear loved, beloved friends, family members and folly people who see and understand me differently then what I am in reality in my head, heart and hands for the sake of humanity and prosperity of one and all.
In fact, I am what I think, what I eat and what I do NOT I am what I express verbally or written freely based on my level of understanding and consciousness. I hope you got it my near and dear friends. So please don't dare even to think about me to give me your perception based identity. It is your perception on me and my expression based on your level of understanding and consciousness. Therefore, try to increase your psychological health rather than physiological health and well-being to see others.
I am human because I am for humanity and human rights.
I am female that's why I do and care work for sexual and reproductive health mainly targeting to women's health.
I am democrats because I love freedom and democracy rather than Autocracy, Timocracy and Oligarchy.
I am socio-democrats because I am for social justice, social inclusion, social reformation and transformation.
I am naturalist because I am a product of nature therefore after natural things rather than man-made artificial unnatural things and actions.
I am a revolunist because I love the law of nature change process that comprises-evolution, revolution and devolution for the growth and development of this universe, earth and living things.
I am rightist because I love right things and issues rather than wrong.
I am positive because I am made up of atom and love nucleus where proton and neutron reside.
I hope you got it. If not then please so read and explore more about your psychological health and well-being to see what you suppose to see, hear and do for the sake of humanity and prosperity of all and one being sensible intellectual human being.
Dr. Rick Hanson, author of Hardwiring Happiness and Buddha’s Brain, argues that when there is no consistent self, it means that we don’t have to take everything so personally [1]. That is, our internal thoughts are only thoughts and don’t define us. External events are only external events and aren’t happening to us personally. Or as an American Psychologist, Dr Tara Brach says, our thoughts are “real, but not true.

1. Chandler, L. 2016. Science and Buddhism Agree: There Is No "You" There, access from

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