Saturday, 25 March 2017

Is Vedic Knowledge really good and great for the sake of humanity of all as claimed and asserted?

This above question I posed to myself sometime whenever I come across social issues relating to discrimination, injustice, oppression, suppression, domination, hatred, allegation, claim, blame and assertion hear and read based on skin colour, class, caste and sex in human society. To question self is what I learn to grow and develop from inner to out being a sensible intellectual human being that we considered in a human society. In animal world none of the animal there is suppression, oppression, domination and suffering based on some other animals' claim, blame, assertion and allegation to each other. I found animal world much better than human society because in animal world there is none of the animal has created artificial culture, religion, ideological belief and practices that treat and think other type of animals differently if that do not belong to theirs. But in human society we find all kind of such ill attitude and behaviour shaped by an archaic human mind created body of knowledge and belief products that shaped human society.
I wonder and ponder within myself on the origin and source of the knowledge of Indian and Nepali societies and questioned to myself on the origin of Indian and Nepalese societies knowledge because it has been claimed, asserted and gloried to vedic knowledge by custodian of this knowledge as a very scientific and sacred knowledge. However, in my understanding it has created, maintained, promoted, preserved, prevented and sustained discrimination, oppression, suppression, domination and hatred based on colour, class, caste and sex since vedic philosophical thoughts promulgated in our part of the world that no one can deny if we think deeply from our bottom of heart, head and hands for the sake of humanity rationalising issues and things based on the law of nature, philosophy, science and psychology considering self as an sensible intellectual beings born in this planet to do good and better for one and all till we live and alive to learn and contribute for humanity. 

When we ask some Indian and Nepalese Hindu the meaning of veda then they said, Veda means knowledge in its literal meaning. In fact, they are right in their understanding because that's how the word "Veda" meaning has been conceptualised by ancient Indian learned men in Sanskrit. I love learn to understand how the discrimination has been started on this human society between two sexes: male and female. In my four your of doctorate project titled "Influence of gender power relations in sexual and reproductive health among youth in the Kathmandu valley" I got to understood about it. Not only about discrimination based on sexes I got to understand but also I learned how different skin colours, class, caste, ethnicity, race, religion, ideology, language, culture and region group people had started to treat differently and discriminate in human society across the globe. It is so interesting to learn and share that's why I am sharing through my blog questioning to self about the Indian and Nepalese origin of scripture knowledge "Veda" that is still governing the society in different way but with the similar thoughts as it was almost 3000 years or before.

I love exploring thoughts, ideas, attitudes, behaviours and knowledge from across the human society of intellectual beings that helps to think and realised that Indian and Nepali colour, caste and class system originated from Vedic education system that no one can deny if we dig out and really after fact, truth and reality for the sake of humanity in this two historical diverse geographical region of this world in terms of ecology, economy, education, enlightenment and empowerment.
Always love Indian and Nepali colour, caste and class system that has been instrumentally protected, preserved and promoted by privileged Indian and Nepali colour (white), caste (Brahmin) and Class (Educated) of these two great nations.
Almost all Indian and Nepalese also love India and Nepal's colour, caste and class system that has been protected, preserved and promoted by privileged group of these two countries that has been placing these two nations people based on hierarchy of colour, caste and class that has been keep protecting, preserving and promoting by corporate owners and holders that belong to privileged colour (White), caste (Brahmin) and Class (Educated).
Would you think that privileged colour, caste and class of Nepal and India activism movement for civil rights, human rights, societal reformation, discrimination against gender, sex and caste/class would be really beneficial to historical oppressors, suppressors and sufferers of these two historical nations that has been victimise because of vedic knowledge that preserve, promote and protect Indian and Nepali colour, caste and class system?
I wonder and ponder on these kinds of questions and thoughts in my mind because still today 3000 or more years colour, caste and class system has been very much prevalent due to deeply rooted in societal mindset and Indian and Nepali people genes/DNA since it is the way of life to preserve, protect and promote Indian and Nepali belief system that love colour, caste and class system originated from vedic education system!!! 🤔🙄😳👊

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  1. Caste, sex, religion are deeply rooted in Nepali and Indian people mindset which are transferred from one generation to another since ancient and these people are preserving these thing in the name of culture ! These bad cultures should be uprooted through knowledge by understanding Human Psychology slowly because change cannot happens abruptly !