Thursday, 30 March 2017

Evidence proves that I am a citizen of the world

We usually calm and blame self and else saying I am this and that and I belong to this society, community and my origin is this and that without based on evidence but based on emotion and assertion. However, to delete my confusion, beclouded in my mind and be clear about myself I was curious to know myself who am I microscopically and where is my origin being a human of this world then in 2014 I did my Genome test taking part in the National Geography Geno 2 Project. Here is the result of my Genome Test that shows my ancestor belongs to 4 different places of this world. So, I am one in 4 and four in one person as per my genetic origin.

In common usage, the term Northeast Asia (50% of my genome belong) typically refers to a region including China. In this sense, the core countries constituting Northeast Asia are China, Japan, North Korea, and South Korea. 
Southeast Asia (28% of my genome belong) is geographically divided into two sub-regions, namely Mainland Southeast Asia (or Indochina) and Maritime Southeast Asia.  Mainland Southeast Asia includes: Vietnam, Laos Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) and Peninsular Malaysia. Maritime Southeast Asia includes: Indonesia, Philippines, East Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and
East Timor.
Southwestern Asia (17% of my genome came from) is along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey, Jordan, Israel, and Syria. 
Curosity leaders to clarity. This is my wise people say that we have to be curious to learn and understand ourselves and the our world. My genome result proves that I am a citizen of this world not just one part of the world but whole part of the world from east to west Nepal, north to south.

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