Friday, 2 January 2015

Real meaning of History: Laxmi's understanding

About my understanding of the meaning of History today I posted in the facebook status saying,

I realised history means He-story which means pronoun "he" "his" story which might have became history I suppose since all the words were documented by he not she so it can be such.

Fascinating masculine dominated societal concept and construction it can be that is why we suffer a lot from a word as well use by people without thinking for the sake of humanity.

Then four of my facebook friends (2 males and 1 female) commented like this,

  • Rabin Bogati: History is nothing but the biography of a few men. History is "his" story and not "her" story.

  • Laxmi Tamang: Yes Rabin Bogati sir I am realising it reading from different perspective wearing human lens in my mind for the sake of humanity.

  • Kumud Shrestha: · If both of you think so, the wrong should be erased. Right should replace it.

  • Basanti Tamang: Yes in Nepali word also there some that seems to denote man not the women.

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