Monday, 26 January 2015

Demand of Dual Citizenship by Nepalese Diaspora

It was not my field of expertise however I have been requested to share my thoughts about dual citizenship on 25 January that Non Resident Nepali Association are dying for demanding for to have comparing with other developed nations without thinking that Nepal is incomparable to those developed world in terms of human development index as well other socio-economic, political, security, and many more issues. Besides in the world there are 3 kinds nations that fall under dual citizenship. Only around 38 nations allowed dual citizenship to their nations and some of those nations have restriction and conditions and even countries like USA, Australia, etc have condition for dual citizenship holders and nations like India, China, Japan, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, including around 46 or more nations of this world don't entertain their citizens holding dual citizenship.

However, some Nepalese elites who are after political power are strongly demanding for it without thinking for mother and motherland they are just thinking for self being so much selfish. In the country where mother are deny to have citizenship rights they are demanding for dual citizenship where almost every politician and government official are corrupt.

How pathetic they are and how dishonest they are to the nation from where they were granted their second citizenship.

चिचीको पनि लोभ पापाको पनि लोभ गरेर हुन्छ ?

मन नेपाली भए पछि किन चाहियो कागजी नागरिकताको अधिकार दुइ दुइ राष्ट्रहरुको ?

सबै भन्दा ठुलो मन हो मन | मन भए पछि सबै मेरो हुन्छ | तर देख्छ टेडो आफ्नै अज्ञानताले गर्दा |

Anyway, I have just presented facts and figures about dual citizenship and had masculinity kind of sharing.

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