Monday, 26 November 2018

Unbelievable fact about Nepal rape culture

No one imagine that any father or grand-father can rape their own daughters and grand-daughters in civilized society like animals do. There might be immoral human societies other than animals in this world who has sex with their own blood relation offspring. However, in the context of Nepal no human beings can imagine such despite being deprived socioeconomically. 
When I first heard from my senior employee, Mrs. Jha that her youngest brother raped his own daughter I could not believe and was shocked to hear such a barbaric inhuman act done against own daughter aged 12. His brother lived in the same district where I lived and he was a businessman. Because I couldn't believe what she had told me so I wrote about it as my first blog in June 11, 2011 which is the most read blog article of my blog. 
Since then, now and then I have been keep reading on newspapers and hearing from media about the incidents of fathers and grand-fathers raping own daughters and grand-daughters as well as uncle raping niece in Nepal. Rape culture has been well-established in Nepal as evidence suggests but due to lack of information and ignorance we are not that much aware and inform about it. It made me realized that when we, human beings are not aware, inform or involve on any issue or incident our attention and focus won't go on such issues and incidents. 
Last night (25 Nov 2018, Sunday), when I read the newspaper article on 5 years facts and figures reported by police about raped to young girls their own father and grand-fathers I was very much disturbed. I couldn't believe in the last 5-years in Nepal total 204 girls raped by fathers and grand-fathers. Among them large numbers of them, 169 girls were raped by their fathers and another 35 girls were raped by their grand-fathers [1]. 
While I was trying to understand the root of raped culture of South Asian context some years back since I considered raped is fruit so there should be some root of it then I came to realized that the creator, the Brahma, who is considered in Indian world had impregnate his own daughter Saraswati. I couldn't believe. So, I searched more evidences as much as to triangulate what I had read about it. Finally, I accepted that it is in fact in the holy scripture of Indian belief system it has written such. 
While I was in Nepal in 2012 for 7 months for my field world I came across Rita Banerji’s non-fiction book Sex and Power:Defining History, Shaping Societies was first published in India in 2008. Then when I was doing my doctorate in Australia in 2011 to 2015 March many times I posted status on my facebook about Brahman raped own daughter Saraswati usually Indian and Nepalese Hindu blame Muslim and western scholars especially British are the one who had distorted and manipulated their holy scriptures.  However, when I explored the historical facts before Muslim and British invasion to India I found the different stories than what they had asserted, blamed and claimed. Then I realized it is just the assertion, blame and claim that they made due to cognitive dissonance.  
Here is the unbelievable and indigestible excerpt from Indian holy scripture. 
"Brahma's daughter Sarasvati said to herself, 'After begetting me from his own body, how could he copulate with me? I know, I’ll hide myself.’ So she became a cow. But he became a bull and copulated with her. From their union cattle were born. Then she became a mare, and he a stallion; she became a female donkey, and he, a male donkey. And again he copulated with her, and from their union one-hoofed animals were born. Then she became a female goat, and he, a male goat; she became an ewe, and he, a ram. And again he copulated with her, and from their union goats and sheep were born. In this way he created every male and female pair that exists, down to the very ants." 
--- Brhadaranyaka Upanisad 1:4:2-6 
Realizing the problem of human belief system I tried to learn and understand about human belief and human behavior and came to learn that William James, Father of American Psychology said, "Our belief creates actual reality". I could not denied this fact because Buddha also said, "What we believe we become." Same thoughts and ideas had acknowledged by ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu. Reading both western and eastern world philosophers and psychologists statement regarding human belief and behavior relationship I realized that human beings main problems lie in their belief system that shape their behavior, attitude and thought process. Therefore, in order to change the rape culture we have to learn to change our belief system which doesn't mean we have to change our religion. The vast majority of people who can't think differently claim that religion or belief system makes oneself moral. In fact, it is baseless to assert it since mortality of human being doesn't come from any outside educational indoctrination instead it comes from inner conscience. I realized that religion is a tool to fool, bull and rule mass by a handful of clever people who succeed in indoctrinate their  dogmatic belief system. Acknowledging these facts and problems of dogmatic world I became an irreligious, non-believer and striving to be a free thinker in this inhuman robotic world full of dogmatic belief imposed during childhood socialization process. 
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