Saturday, 14 May 2016

How is the Nepal's New Constitution 2015? Is it Progressive or Regressive?

What kind of constitution Nepalese got in this 21st century? Progressive or Regressive? There could be huge debate among politicians, people, priests, public servants, parents, patriotic, policy makers and else.
As per my understanding any human beings who has brain to USE and MIND to THINK will realise that the Constitution Bill of Nepal promulgated last year in 25th September is very much regressive although major political parties' politicians and some of the intellectual Nepalese claim it is very much progressive to meet the need of Nepalese citizens as per their demand. 
However, it is very much regressive because even in this 21st century it can be clearly seen how much racism can be sensed. India being a very diverse nation historically like Nepal in their constitution they have never ever stated any ethnic community based on their ethnic and caste group but in Nepal so-called progressive constitution it has classified Nepalese based on caste as per the law of Manu (manusmriti), ethnicity, origin, ecological residence and religion stating in several articles. For example, 
PART 3 Fundamental Rights and Duties (page 6-7)
Provided that nothing shall be deemed to prevent the making of special provisions by law for the protection, empowerment or advancement of the women lagging behind socially and culturally, Dalits, Adibasi (indigenous groups), Madhesi, Tharus, Muslims, oppressed class, backward communities, minorities, marginalized groups, peasants, labourers, youths, children, senior citizens, sexual minorities, persons with disability, incapacitated and the helpless persons, and of the citizens who belong to backward regions and financially deprived citizens including the Khas-Arya.
42. Right to social justice: (1) Socially backward women, Dalits, Adibasi, Janjati, Khas-Arya, Madhesi, Tharu, minority groups, persons with disability, marginalized groups, Muslim, backward classes, gender and sexually minority groups, youths, peasants, labourers, the oppressed and the citizens of backward regions, shall have the right to employment in state structures and public service on the basis of the principle of inclusion.
84. Constitution of House of Representatives: 
(2) Provision shall be made according to federal law for the representation of political parties to file candidacy for the election of the House of Representatives for proportional representation system through closed list, of women, Dalit, Adibasi, Janajati, Khas Arya, Madhesi, Tharu, Muslim, and backward regions. Such candidacy shall also consider balance in geography and province.
Explanation: For the purpose of this provision, Khas Arya means Chhetri, Brahmin, Thakuri and Sannyasi (Dasnami) community.
Such a racist terminologies have been written in 8 different articles of our so-called progressive constitution which can be seen from

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