Friday, 21 December 2012

United we STAND, Divided we FALL!!!

Everyone knows that if we United we Stand and if Divided we Fall as said by Greek,  fabulist or story teller Aesop (c. 620–564 BC) "United we standdivided we fall."

We need to open our blocked mind to UNITE.
If we closed our mind then it is almost impossible to unite since our MIND has been under the control of 5 senses i.e. see (eyes), hear (ear), touch (skin), taste (tongue) and smell (nose). Therefore, we love to run after as per we see, hear, touch (feel), taste and smell.

Infact, these 5 senses should be controlled by our MIND. But it is not happening because we are NOT OPEN MINDED to learn and accept the FACTS/FIGURES and REALITY. Instead, we always like to oppose and defend and want to hide the TRUTH rather than doing an operation of bad things that we've in our societies and within us.

We do operation/surgery to remove body damage or infected parts. But we FEAR of doing surgery of societal belief and practices to construct or adjust our cultures, rituals and practices as per the development/ evolution of this world. Then HOW unity can be prevailed just saying by MOUTH or WORDs.

Sense of UNITY has to come within MIND that suppose to control our 5 senses! BUT we don't want and always love to run after 5 senses to control our MIND!

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