Thursday, 13 December 2012

Our Limits are entirely self Imposed!!!

I have been realizing that our limits are entirely self imposed due to our schooling and socialization process.

We THINK 70,000 thoughts a day. But we  WASTE 69,999 of thoughts on NEGATIVE LIMITED thinking.

We don't No anything about ourselves, our own body, brain, mind and sprit BUT THINKS and TALKS too much only about negative things and criticize others! Almost all of us like to pull legs rather than hands encouraging each other to do good and best. We are very selfish, jeoulous, egoistic, prejudice and self centered. The main problem of Nepal and Nepali I've been observing this which is dragging our country 100 years back then other developed nations like Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, China, EU, USA, UK, Australia, etc. We are more than required, too much religioius and strongly believed on man-made gods and goddess and also think we are poor because our FATE is like that. The major role played in making this to Nepalese is past rulers, especially Ranas/Shah who ruled Nepal more than 205 years keeping in capative from the outside world.

This is the reason WHY even so-called litereate people can't think openly in establishing JUST society ensuring justice, equality, unity, harmonty, prosperity and peace in Diverse socio-cultural settings. What a bullshit we, Nepalese are!!!

Do you know about your BRAIN??

Q 1. How much does the average adult human brain weigh?
- 3 lbs.

Q 2. How much did Albert Einstein's brain weigh?
- 2.71 lbs., significantly less than the average human brain, but he
had many more glial cells than average

Q 3. At approximately what age does the brain stop growing?
- 18 years of age

Q 4. The forebrain, which controls higher intellectual functions such as
thinking, planning, and problem solving, is the largestin what
- Humans

Q 5. How many thoughts does the average person have per day?
- 70,000 thoughts

Q 6. Which hemisphere of the brain has more neurons?
- The left hemisphere has 186 million more neurons than the right

Q 7. How much blood flows through the brain per minute?
- 750-1000mL or 3 full soda cans

Q8. How long can the brain survive without oxygenated blood?
- 4-6 minutes before the cells begin to die. After 10 seconds you
loose consciousness

Q 9. How much of your body heat is lost through your head?
- 40-50%

Q 10. What is the longest living cell in your body?
- Your brain cells can live up to an entire lifetime

Q 11. How many brain cells (neurons) does the average human have?
- 100 billion

Q 12. What is the name of the chemical signal used between neurons?
- Neurotransmitters

Q 13. How long can a neuron be?
- Around 15 feet, in a Giraffe, from toe to neck

Q 14. How many brain imaging techniques can you name?
- 12 total.
These include Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), functional
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), Diffusion Tensor Imaging
(DTI), Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, Positron Emission
Tomography (PET), Optical Intrinsic Signal (OIS), Computed Axial
Tomography (CT), Diffuse Optical Imaging (DOI), Event-Related
Optical Signal (EROS), Electroencephalography (EEG),
Magetoencephalography (MEG), Single Photon Emission
Computed Tomography (SPECT)


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