Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Want to EAT, SUFFER and DIE or Want to Go for ORGANIC and Live Happy, Healthy and Wealthy!!!

Go for ORGANIC Farming for Food, Diary Products and Meats!! OR 
EAT, SUFFER and DIE from CANCER, Arthritis, Dementia, Alzheimer, Inflammation, heart diseases, etc. Again choice is always in our head (mind/brain), heart (emotion/feelings) and hands (action).

Cool I gave up drinking milk after reading a book titled "Unlimited Power" by Anthony Robbins and on the process of giving up meat (already stop eating red meats-he goat besides I don't eat beef and buff-good on me) though I knew I need calcium to prevent me from Osteoporosis (weakening and thinning of bones) but now days I'm trying to fulfill my calcium requirement from plants and vegetables sources.

"Alarming levels of antibiotics found in milk"

Findings from a study being conducted by the Central Food Laboratory showed that of the 120 milk samples collected from Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Pokhara and Kavre, 67 had unacceptable levels of drugs linked to many ailments.

Intolerable levels of antibiotics such as penicillin and amoxicillin were detected in milk samples, said Jeevan Prabha Lama, Director General at the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control.

She said farmers are attracted towards antibiotics due to the short-term benefits it brings. “For instance, farmers give oxacillin to buffaloes to stimulate milk glands,” informed Lama. “Milk samples from Kathmandu Metropolitan City were found to have an average of 300 parts per billion (ppb) of antibiotics,” said Kanchan Kumar Nayak, senior food officer of the department. As Nepal does not have its own standard to limit levels of antibiotic residue in milk, the country has adopted European Union standards. According to the EU standards, less than four ppb of antibiotics in milk is considered acceptable. “But milk sold in major towns in the country has levels exceeding 300 ppb,” said the officer.

High levels of penicillin were found in milk samples from Lalitpur, the findings show. Similarly, amoxicillin residue was high in samples from Pokhara (Kaski district) and Bhaktapur. Samples from Chitwan had high levels of ampicillin. “Milk sold in Kathmandu metropolis had high levels of all three antibiotics,” said Nayak.

Regular consumption of antibiotics cause inflaming of the urinary system, diseases of the skin, eyes and bones and brain cell damage, said Lama.

“Respiratory problems among kids may be linked to consumption of antibiotics,” she said. Uncontrolled consumption of antibiotics has a more severe effect. “Disease-causing microbes develop resistance against antibiotics and the drugs become ineffective,” she warned.

Meat contaminated

KATHMANDU: A study conducted by the Central Food Laboratory has shown that chicken meat on sale is also not safe. “We found high levels of antibiotics in chicken being sold in the Valley and in Chitwan,” said officials at the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control. They said of the 50 samples tested, 10 were found to have high levels of antibiotics. Five had ‘extreme’ levels of drugs. Tetracycline, sulfonamide, penicillin, aminoglycoside and micro lead were also found in chicken.



  1. Learning the worst of the west again...... Too bad. From birth to brunch.... endlessly awful

    1. Dinah, don't feel sad, bad and guilty all the western people are not BAD and culprits. Just consider that how I gave up drinking milk after reading Tony "Anthony" Robbins's book. There are many good people who are not doing anything and awakening their mind that has been blocked and programmed due to media and schooling. As said by Albert Einstein "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." Therefore, we like-minded people have to wake up to ring the bell and open blocked mind of good people speaking about the truth and should be viral in sharing such facts and figures based on the available scientific evidence and reality so that we can repair the damage made by hungers of MONEY, POWER, POSITION, POLITICS and PROSTITUTE (SEX) that is ruling, bullying, fooling and pulling innocent people mind.