Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Health or Wealth (Genetically modified/Engineered seeds and crops): Which needs to be chosen?

I am totally against genetically modified (GM) or Genetically Engineered (GE) seeds and crops, and  MONSANTO products knowing its consequences to humankind and our earth/environment. Since last year I have been keep advocating through social media about its hazards to human health and earth. But some of the blind-minded people without trying to learn about its pros and cons keep lobbying for these kinds of products to introduce in Nepal thinking that it will solve food insecurity among poor, rural and developing nation's farmers and government, which is insane due to their blocked mind don't want to be sensitive to health and the earth.

Good luck genetically modified (GM) or Genetically Engineered (GE) seeds and crops OR MONSANTO blind-mined lovers, who love to promote such food to prevent food insecurity!!!! Choice is in our head, hearts and hands how we would like to die, eating too much like a King/Elites and suffer from many health problems (Cancer, Arthritis, Inflammation, etc) or like a beggar and keep body slim and fit!

"Genetically Engineered crops contain bacterial DNA that may be hazardous to health"

Summary for laymen by PSRAST (Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology)

"The bacterial genes used in genetically modified (GM) crops have been found to have significant impacts on the individuals ingesting GM crops. The impacts include inflammation, arthritis and lymphoma promotion. The consequence of GM food genes being incorporated into the chromosomes of somatic cells of those consuming GM food and their unborn has been ignored by those charged with evaluating the hazards of GM crops."-Dr. Joe Cummins, Emeritus Professor of Genetics, University of Western Ontario, Canada

All genetically eningeered crops contain genetic elements from bacterial DNA. They are part of the artificial genetic elements used to ensure that the inserted genes will be accepted by the genetically manipulated organism. Also the genes for pesticide protection, like the Bacillus Thuringiensis (Bt) gene and most herbicide tolerance genes contain such DNA.

This DNA contains a genetic element (the so called "CpG motif") that stimulates the immune system to start a sequence of reactions leading to inflammation. Animal experiments have demonstrated that exposure to these genetic elements may lead to inflammation, arthritis and lymphoma (a malignant blood disease).

Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that DNA is not broken down in the gastro-intestinal tract to the extent formerly believed. Ingested DNA sequences large enough to contain whole genes have remained intact and entered the blood and tissues.

This means that there are reasons to suspect that eating GE foods may increase the risk for contracting said disorders. No research has been done to exclude this possibility.

Professor Cummins concludes: "The available evidence is sufficient to support a moratorium on the massive intake of GM crops by human populations until the genetic consequences are resolved in the laboratory."
This is just one of a number of potentially serious hazards that have been neglected in the safety evaluation of GE foods. It is absurd that GE foods have been on the market without proper safety evaluation, see also Inadequate GE food safety assessment. [EL] It is seriously irresponsible to allow them to be sold without careful labelling.

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