Monday, 24 September 2012

Degrading attitude and belief towards girls/women in Hinduism

I respect everyone beliefs, feelings and appreciate their devotee based on their level of understanding towards the cleaver ancient time man-made religions and gods to govern a society in order to keep it unity, harmony and peace among certain groups as per their interest keeping them in an illusion and delusion. But am bit naughty if someone try to blindly support their faith with dogmatic thinking without trying to listen both aspects: positive and negative  side of it because nothing is perfect in this globe so everyone, especially so-called we, literate and educated people MUST try to understand what is good or bad to follow or continue and what needs to be condemned. 

I read below statements in the Gurada Puran, a Hindu holy scripture that dominate, humiliate  abuse and harass women/girls in our society. Gosh! I don't know how anyone can hear and just leave this kind of speeches from an holy sages or priests. If those people who want to see our society  growth and development promoting gender equality in our society don't dare to speak out and stand up against these kinds of knowledge then WHAT and HOW we can expect from them to be nice and good in our society.  

"A girl with curly hair, a round face, and a navel that curls to the  right makes her family flourish. A girl with a golden complexion and hands that resemble a red lotus is one in a thousand in terms of chastity. A woman with uneven hair and round eyes will always be  unhappy and will become a widow at a young age. A girl with a face like the full moon that shines like the rising sun, having wide eyes and red lips, will always be happy. If a woman has many lines  marking her body, she will suffer much. A few lines indicate poverty, red lines denote happiness, and black lines indicate slavery. A real wife is like a minister who handles the personal affairs of her  husband. She executes her duties like a real friend. She is affectionate like a mother and in bed, she is like the most expert courtesan. Such a wife is very auspicious.

A woman who has lines on the palm of her hand resembling a goad, a circle, or a wheel, marries a great man and gives birth to a son. If a woman has hair on her breasts, or if her lips are high, her  husband will die soon. If a woman has brown hair that curls upwards over her body, she is destined to become a slave, even though she may have been born a princess.If a woman's little finger and  thumb do not lay flat when placed on a flat surface, she will prove to be of ill repute. A woman who shakes the ground as she walks will become the killer of her husband. Smooth, oily eyes indicate a  happy married life. Oily teeth indicate a liking for food. Oily skin indicates sexual pleasure, and oily feet denotes the possession of conveyances.If a woman's feet are beautiful, with high arches and  copper-colored nails; if the soles of her feet have lines resembling a fish, goad, lotus, wheel or plough; and if they do not perspire—she will lead a happy life. If a woman's calves are free of hair, if her  thighs resemble the trunk of an elephant, if her vagina is broad like the leaf of an ashvattha tree, if her navel is deep, and if her breasts are free of hair—these are all considered to be auspicious."

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