Tuesday, 1 August 2017

My problem is your problem: We both owned the same problem!😜😜😜

Some of the readers of my status and blog, and listeners of my conversations in gatherings told me that I am a feminist because I write and talk about female issues. Similarly, I have been told that I am a racist because I write and talk against racism and racial discrimination. Also I have been told that I am against Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam because I write and talk against all forms of indoctrinated dogmatic beliefs imposed to each of us since early childhood that has programmed our mind which doesn't let us to think freely and fearlessly. Likewise, I was told that I am a casteist because I write and talk against caste based discrimination digging and bringing out historical injustice related facts and figures committed by rulers based on colour, class and caste especially in Nepal and India.
I don't know who am I but everyone who reads my status and blog, and listen by conversations know who am I. 😜😜
I know nothing about myself except that I am aware of that I am an energy, born in human form. I didn't have any choice to be born as a female sex. I didn't have any choice to be born in a socio-culturally identified ethnic tribal group known as "Tamang" who usually follow Bon Buddhism tradition in Nepal. I didn't have any choice to be born with the couple that belong to Nepal land citizen although I was born in Malaysia from them since my father was a British Gurkha solider by then.
I might be wrong in my understanding, however, I believe that it is my past karmic outcome/result that has randomly destined me by mother nature to be born as a female sex in a Tamang family of Nepal that follow Bon Buddhism socio-cultural tradition who has been systematically, structurally and strategically marginalised in a planned way writing the state law and order intentionally to marginalise, discriminate, dominate, humiliate, ostracise and criticise by the rulers and their advisers, teachers, priests who belong to ruling supreme colour, class and caste as mentioned in Indian literature and scriptures like Manusmriti, Mahabharat, Bhagawat Gita, Ramayan, and Puranas.
Wrong is wrong whoever do it.
Injustice is injustice even if parents who give birth to their own child do it. Therefore, none of the rulers nor their advisers, teachers and priests or anyone who belong to either supreme or low /poor colour, class and caste have right to violent rights of any human being born on this planet.
Being a learned one it is my responsibility and duty to make aware and awake to accept injustice happened to certain sex "female", certain skin colour "brown and black" people, low socioeconomic class and caste "Sudhra" and outcaste people.
Image may contain: textLike where we suppose to born we don't have any choice same applies to the skin colour, class and caste to choose we don't have any choice while we were born. Therefore, as a learned ignorant fool I must voice and stand against anyone whoever discriminate based on sex creating GENDER which is very DANGER, colour, class and caste or locality.
Everyone knows that Perpetrators or any criminal, immoral or bad doers like to hide their bad and immoral doings
BUT my problem is that I love to disclose whatever they had done 🤣 that's the problem perpetrators, criminals, immoral or bad doers and their supporters have which I understand clearly thus write and talk fearlessly because I know FEAR is controlling our mind, body and spirit to stand up and speak out for the injustice and crime committed by our rulers and ruling sex, colour, class and caste across the globe in a human worldly world which we can't see and find in the animal and bird world.

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