Thursday, 28 February 2013

Science vs Religion: View of a Priest who became a scientist

As per my to date exploration in understanding science and religon what I have understood is science (knowledge) is an evolution based on natural phenomenon whereas religion is a stagnant, not evolved based on the time. Therefore, scientific knowledge is keep evolving based on further exploration and investigation in the same issues or problems. Whereas religion is based on the ancient texts and scriptures thus it can be changed because it is believed that religous text books messages are god words.
It is very thought provoking to read about the views of  Francisco J. Ayala, aged 76 a former Dominican priest and a Spanish-American geneticist, molecular biologist and philosopher at the University of California about Science and Religion.
Here is what he said about it:
"Science concerns the processes that account for the natural world: how the planets move, the composition of matter and the atmosphere, the origin and function of organisms.

Religion has nothing definitive to say about these natural processes: nothing about the causes of tsunamis or earthquakes or why volcanic eruptions occur, or why are droughts that ruin farmers' crops. The explanation of these processes belongs to science. It is a categorical mistake to seek their explanation in religious beliefs or sacred texts.

Science provides an account of how galaxies, stars and planets came about after the big bang. It has discovered how the HIV epidemic originated and how Aids spreads. A person of faith may interpret these events in religious terms, but they are explained by science."

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