Thursday, 18 July 2013

Be aware with an Extremist and Fanatic for the sake of humanity and prosperity

BE AWARE with an Extremist and fanatic because they might be suffering from Obession (an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mind)

Anything extreme either too much or less is Danger for Humanity!!

If anyone indulged (too much attached) with any human creations, "ism" or ideological thought coined by certain person or members is DANGER like a VIRUS or ATOM BOMB, which destroy self and else because it blocks our way of thinking for the sake of humanity and prosperity of everyone.

It makes such ideological follower to think that "My Way is Highway and Yours are Shit" because that embeds (fix) in our subconscious mind.

That's why followers or believers can't accept and tolerate any constructive criticism for its improvement and ready to do and die anything for their such belief. They think that whatever is documented in their ideological books or scriptures 100 and 1000 years before are still valid and 100% corect and perfect even in modern 21st century's time and people's mind demand.
They can't think beyond that and fear to challenge their own thoughts/belief. They don't understand that there is nothing 100% and perfect in this world except in mathematics and statistics. We've to learn to understand that they might be suffering from an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), an anxiety disorder characterized by recurrent and persistent thoughts and feelings and repetitive, ritualized behaviors.

They are against new thoughts and ideas and fearful to challenge their own mind and belief. They are agianst the law of mother nature because mother nature is always changing and moving forward. As per the law of nature everything in this universe is 50/50, Yin and Yang, Shiva and Shakti, Masculine and Feminine, Day and Night, and so forth. Therefore, we've to learn to balance our thoughts and way of thinking and doings if we consider ourselves that we are wise and intelligent human beings for the sake of humanity and prosperity.

Some of those "ism" are
- Racism
- Casteism
- Jingoism (fanatically patriotic)
- Nationalism
- Communism/Socialism
- Capitalism
- Maoism
- Leninsim
- Marxism
- Feminism
- Genderism
- Manuism
- Buddhism
- Hinduism
- Christianism
- Islamism
- Judaism
- Scientism
- Humanism
- Fanatism
- Terrorism
- Legalism
- Antheism
- Angnoism
- Skeptism
- Positivism
- Pessitivism
- Negativism
And list goes on.

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