Friday, 30 June 2017

Societal evil, devil and ill practices are systematically, strategically and structurally created

Naturally or unnaturally, everything happens for reason. Without reason nothing happens. Understanding about reason why it happens and occurs is critical for the sake of humanity and prosperity of one and all.
If we look at thoughtfully in a human society everything is created by human's mind. We are what we think and do as Buddha said almost 2500 years ago which has been proving by present days neuroscientists, psychologists, psychoanalysts and psychotherapits. 
In fact, we, human beings are wired creature and do seems and sounds that we are natural being although we are part of nature and natural phenomenon. More than the nature created, we are created on the basis of how we have been nurtured in our family and society. It proves from our own way of thinking, perceiving and behaving based on our thinking and perceiving process. Who we are? and What we are? demonstrates from our action and reactionary thoughts rather than claim, blame and assertion that we individually or collectively make. Thoughts put in words either verbally or written show how we are. Some people thoughts are very barbaric and heinous that hardly anyone can imagine we are sensible intellectual beings.
Interestingly, generally we, human being consider animals having low intelligent and insensible beings. However, in the animal world nothing is created by animal's mind. They live, survive and thrive in a nature as they are although they do have mind besides their brain as human being has. However, human mind is pretty strange and weirdly wired naturally compared to animals' mind. This could be the reason why in human society we have worldly world shaped by our own dogmatic belief known as "religion for reason" to support our thoughts, views, ideas, justifications, arguments, discussions and debates, and accordingly our perception has been shaped to see the world around us. Each individual's world view is shaped by their own indoctrinated dogmatic thoughts and ideas that have been imposed on them from their early childhood during the process of socialisation.
In a human society nothing happens accidentally, everything happens in a pre-designed way as rulers and ruling colour, class and caste people's want. I realised that societal evil, devil and ill practices have been created by feudalistic man's mind. Social evils, devils and ill practices include poverty, inequality, inequity, injustice, discrimination, marginalisation, oppression, suppression and genocide all are systematically, strategically and structurally created by corrupt feudalistic mindset rulers due to their own ignorance born FEAR of loosing power that human history if it is not remain mystery to anyone would acknowledge. This is the reason WHY I love exploring history to understand societal evil and devil minded rulers created dysfunctional and malfunction society based on colour, class and caste division making one group of people as a superior and others as inferior. Both problems and solutions are within our mind but we hardly accept it. Unless and until we are not aware of it we do not accept it because acceptance require awaken within our mind that can be attained only through awareness. In order to understand about this I read good number of thoughts and words expressed by psychologists, neuroscientists, philosophers, politicians, strategic worriers, historians, sociologists, anthropologists, spiritual leaders and intellectual beings who care and share for the sake of humanity and prosperity of one and all.
It is good to read article titled "Mistrust and competition: The psychology of inequality" by Nick Haslam psychologist at the University of Melbourne that states rising economic inequality is associated with a range of economic and social ills [1]. More unequal societies tend to have worse health, more obesity, more violent crime, more political instability, and more institutional corruption. In fact this is all created by ill intentional feudalistic ruling colour, class and caste people in any given society if we look at critically the reason behind the root cause of the problems how fruits of injustice, inequality, worse ill health problems (obesity, diabetes, cancer, AIDS, etc), discrimination, oppression, suppression, intolerance, violence, crime, warfare, political instability and institutional corruption exist in our society. There is a grand designer to make our society and the world to malfunction so that they can generate income and benefit them creating instability in the society. This is how feudalistic ill minded people from their ill intention have been ruling the world from ancient time to date if we look at the history of ancient India, Rome, Saudi Arab, America, Australia, Europe including our own country, Nepal. Therefore, in order to create this world better place to live, survive and thrive we have to be aware, awake, accept to act only then we can reach to altitude changing our attitude and aptitude.
Reference1. Haslam, N. 2017. Mistrust and competition: The psychology of inequality. The World Economic Forum accessed from

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