Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Why BIG brother is a problem rather than solution?

I always wonder WHY BIG BROTHER mostly jealous and hate small brother in this human society. 

Is it because Younger brother is much better to find out their lovers and followers or progress better  or WHAT? 

In fact, this applies in the case of organised religion of  Abrahamic Religions, namely Judaism, Christianity and Islam  which trace their religious ancestry back through "Father" Abraham. 

We all know that Judaism is a elder brother with 0.2% followers, Christianity is middle brother with 33% followers but decreasing in the western world and Islam is the youngest brother with 23% followers and massively increasing across the globe especially in the western world. 

Always Islam has been accused by Zionists who are mostly Judo-Christians (Jewish and Christians) from across the globe especially from USA and EU who has controlled over Mass, Majority, Media, Money, Materials, Men and Mind. =D They have been keep fighting like a MONKEY playing BLAME GAME among each others and killing own brothers born from a same father. WONDER WHY!!!  

Here is the Genealogy of the World's Abrahamic Religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. 

 Abraham had a wife named Sarah who could not get pregnant. She gave Abraham her handmaid,
named Hagar, as a second wife. Hagar had Abraham's firstborn son, Ishmael. Ishmael and Hagar ended up in the wilderness and were miraculously preserved from exposure, dehydration, and starvation. Eventually, Ishmael would father 12 princes as his sons. From one of his sons, Mohammed was born, and with him, Islam or the Muslim religion.

Abraham eventually fathered a child with Sarah resulting in the birth of Isaac. Isaac fathered Jacob and Jacob fathered sons, including Judah. From the lineage of Judah came the Jewish religion and eventually Jesus Christ was born a Jew and began Christianity in all its forms. All three Abrahamic Religions combined account for about 55% or 3,685,000,000 people. Father Abraham was promised by God that his descendants would eventually inherit a piece of land called Canaan which had about the same land mass as New Jersey and is called Israel in present day. 

Christians, Muslims, and Jews have battled and argued over this holy land for centuries and do to
this day. 
"I often tell my students that the prophecy stated that Abrahams descendants would inherit the land, not get along together once they did."
Dr. Ron J. Hammond 

Therefore, it seems that BIG brother is a problem and small brother is a solution in this human society. 

It applies both in Abrahamic religions as well as South Asian originated religions, namely Hinduism which is the oldest religion (BIG BROTHER), Jainism (2nd brother), Buddhism (3r brother) and Sikkhism (last brother) and in the context of South Asian BIG brother is creating more problems to humanity since ancient time when we look deep into the history we can find Genocide of tribes as well as other religion chiefly Buddhism. 

Wonder WHY BIG brother is a problem rather than becoming a solution!!!
Is it because BIG brother is too much DOGMATIC and GREEDY or WHAT!!!

"Introduction to Sociology" published in 2010 by Dr. Ron J. Hammond, Family Studies Program Coordinator and Professor of Sociology, Behavioral Science Department, Utah Valley University, USA http://freebooks.uvu.edu/SOC1010/index.php/about.html

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