Monday, 22 December 2014

Masculinity Power demonstration: A culture of RAPE in Nepal

I just wonder who is responsible and to blame for inhumane barbaric criminal hilarious action like "RAPE" which even animals hardly do to their females to demonstrate their masculinity Penis Power. I completely agree with statement made by the guardian columnist, Jill Filipovic who said "Rape is about POWER, NOT SEX".  

Although daughters are considered as a Goddess "Laxmi" in Nepali society wonder WHY own father, grandfather, brothers and relatives rape own daughters, granddaughters, sisters, niece and relatives. This is really serious and very unsafe situation in Nepalese society which has been taking place since ancient time till now. But at present due to mass media booming such incidents have been started to report which otherwise were forbidden by security forces as well government to bring out. Thus it was usually kept secret and hidden within a family circle.

Rural, illiterate, poor and uncivilised men if have done such criminal act of raping to own daughters, granddaughters, sisters, niece and relatives in somehow it is understandable because we can consider such people as barbaric, fool, unwise, and animal minded. However, it happening among so-called literate, educated and civilised men world so it is completely indigestible and unacceptable.

Like every year we read and hear such news from Nepal about rape, this year also a 19-year old girl from Kavre district has been reported being raped by own father aged 47 Prakash KC and her grandfather, Indra Bahadur KC aged 72 since she was 13-year old (1). He has been jailed only for 10 year and her grandfather killed himself on August 25. 

Similarly, another girl 13-year old girl has been reported being raped by own father and brother. Last year (2013), a journalist, Ramesh Pokharel from Gauradaha, Jhapa district, who is affiliated with the Communist Party of Nepal (Unified MarxistLeninist), also known as CPN–UML  had raped his own juvenile daughter (2). Luckily this year, the District Court Jhapa, Chief Judge, Ramesh Kumar Khattri, has convicted him with 20 years of imprisonment under the incest and rape case on December 14.

In 2011 in the eastern part of Nepal Sankhasawa district, 21-year old Buddhist Nun, Samita Tamang (named changed) from Bhojpur district was gang raped by bus drivers and helpers. Similarly, in the far west Nepal 16-year old Pooja Bohora (named changed) has been reported gang raped in March 2012 while she was attending her School Leaving Certificate exams in her home district, Baitadi (3). After recovery she said she was drugged and raped by local bookshoper Sagar Bhatta and Amar Awasti of Baitadi. Every day, month and year is not exceptional in hearing such criminal action from penis rule society mindset who can't think differently other than sexual assault to minors, innocent and ignorant girls and women. This year on May, three men including 14-year old boy namely Laxman Limbu, 20, Nat Bahadur Limbu, 24, and a 14 year old teenager of Letang, Morang district raped a married woman of the same village 36-year old while she was returning home from local Bazaar in the evening time (4). Unfortunately they have been convicted only 10 years by Morgan district court on December. Likewise, the Supreme Court has convicted Yadav Ghimire, a section officer at the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, in a rape case. 

There was another gang raped to 14-year old girl from dalit community originally from Chitwan district (5). She was raped by Madan Khadka and other men for a month keeping her locked in a room who was about to be sold to a brothel in the Tibetan town of Khasa in China after she was sexually exploited for a month, was rescued a week ago from Dadhikot- 8 of Bhaktapur district by the police and Raksha Nepal, a non-governmental organization that works for the welfare of sexually exploited women. 

Another case this year in October 10-year daughter has been reported raped by own father and brother and her mother is away from home working in Kuwait (6).

These are just some representative cases and incidents of rapist culture of Nepalese manuism ideology driven mindset society which I feel nauseated even to talk and report because we people of Nepal are promoting culture of rape which we hardly see in a civilised world.

"Rapists don't rape because they can't "get" sex elsewhere. Rapists don't rape because they're uncontrollably turned on by the sight of some cleavage, or a midriff, or red lipstick, or an ankle. They rape because they're misogynist sadists, and they flourish in places where misogyny is justified as tradition and maleness comes with a presumption of violence.' (7)"
- Jill Filipovic, Columnist, The Guardian


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2.  Ramesh Pokharel raped own daughter in Jhapa district last year
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4. Gang raped a married woman aged 36 in Letang, Morang district 
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7. Rapist is about POWER not SEX. by Jill Filipovic


  1. If it has to happen it happens, its gonna happen and no one can stop it but the way you are advertising it, is actually making it look as if it happens every now and then and happens in only Nepal. So cut it short and live like a normal human being.

  2. Can't imagine what kind of mindset you have that is very primitive and pessimistic who can't think differently that anything can be done and changed in this human society if we are aware, awake and act timely for the prevention and to make difference in innocent and ignorant lives. Normal means itself a abnormal condition because there is no such a thing call normal in the natural phenomenon. What you call normal is very much acquainted and adherence to your cultural and religious doctrine since you were child during the socialisation process that you won't like to change because to change own mindset is difficult and painful process to go through.