Monday, 9 September 2013

The world top 10 smartest people

I always love to learn from the world "A" one people who are scientifically proven and considered best or genius rather than religiously considered super by majority of people because organized religion scriptures information are just imaginative thoughts and ideas documented by some imaginative and creative mind ancient people based on their level best which are not proven with any evidence. Therefore, I don't want to fool myself !!

Judging how smart a person is can be a very subjective matter. Does their intelligence quotient (IQ) score make them the smartest? Or is it more about accomplishments? The debate over this likely will never cease. Below, though, took a look at 10 people (in no particular order) nobody would deny are worthy of being called some of the smartest people alive today.


Fifty percent of people have IQ scores between 90 and 110, 2.5 percent of people are mentally deficient/impaired (under 70 IQ), 0.5 percent of people are near genius or genius (over 140,) 2.5 percent of people are very superior in intelligence (over 130).
Here is their list of 10 of the smartest people alive today:

A person takes the “title” of genius if his IQ exceeds 140, which belongs to 0.5% of the world population. 50% of people have IQ between 90 and 110, while 2.5% of the population reaches a genius level with IQ of over 130.

However, the website notes that the list is not objective, as far as there are many different factors, besides the IQ, which determine how smart someone is.

So, here are the Top 10 smartest alive people in the world:

10. Last of the top ten is the famous astrophysicist Steven Hawking, with IQ of 160;

9. American TV writer Rick Rosner (192);

8. Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov (190);

7. Billionaire co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen (170);

6. Hungarian chess player Judit Polgar (170);

5. Award-winning mathematician Andrew Wiles (170);

4. Famous actor James Woods (180), who before turning the lights of Hollywood had studied algebra at UCLA and MIT;

3. Third on the list is the 50 year old astrophysicist Kim Ung-Yong, with IQ of 210. From the age of two years he could speak four languages with ease and in the age of eight he was invited by NASA to study in the United States.

2. In second place is the 30 year old astrophysicist Christopher Hirata, with estimated IQ of 225. Among his accomplishments are the facts that he started working at NASA when he was… 16 years old, participating in studies of colonization of the planet Mars, and received his Ph.D. from Princeton University at age 22.

1. The first position in the list, with estimated IQ of… 230, is held for 36 year old mathematician Terence Tao, who was able to do simple math since the age of two, got a doctorate from Princeton University when he was 20 years old and became the youngest professor in the history of UCLA at the age of 24.


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