Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Why I talk and share about Religion ?

I am forced and daring to talk about an organised religion because I realized that it is the main cause of caste and gender based discrimination in our part of the world including across the globe. This understanding and realization came into my 4.1 kg brain following my 2.5 years of study and exploration in relations to the root cause of gender based discrimination in our society and across the globe.

Sadly, across the world still majority (around 80-90%) of people have wrong understanding about the term "Gender".

We've to learn to understand that the term "Gender" is NOT SEX and "SEX" is NOT the "Gender"!! However, still scholars, journalists and people have been using it wrongly because of their ignorance.

In fact, Sex is biological construction of being Male or Female which we can't change because that we brought while we were born.

However, GENDER is socially constructed roles and responsibilities based on biological sex.

Gender is Danger that is making both men and women irrational, illogical and blind. Therefore, usually men think women are buddu (stupid, idiot, not intelligent) and women think men are Buddhu but in fact both are buddhu and both are gyani (intelligent).  

In fact, I'm not saying anyone to STOP follow your religion or faith. What I'm trying to say is follow it with REASON rather than EMOTION for the sake of humanity and prosperity of yourself and else as well. Don't be Blind Faith Followers!! The Law of nature is based on cause and effect relationship that is called Karma (Law of Karma) so believe in your Karma rather than organised Dharma promoted by state/ missionary / priests and else to make you blind in your mind!!    


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