Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Foreign Aid crippling down Nepal and Nepali

Historically Nepal was prosperous nation in South Asia proves from Nepal's historical facts since Nepal has trade with Tibet and China and there was no open borders for foreign aid to come.

BUT once foreign aid start to come in Nepal in the name of missionaries in 1960s then Nepal economic status started to go down due to increase corruption because of the greed of our rulers and ruling class mindset I suppose since they are the one who handle foreign aids.

I completely agreed with Dambisa Moyo, 44, a Zambian national and has a PhD in economics from the St. Anthony’s College, Oxford University who previously worked as a consultant at Goldman Sachs and as an economist for the World Bank asserted in her famous acclaimed book titled "Dead Aid, Why Aid Is Not Working and How There is Another Way for Africa."

She said that,

“I have dedicated many years to economic study up to the PhD level, to analyze and understand the inherent weaknesses of aid, and why aid policies have consistently failed to deliver on economic growth and poverty alleviation. To this, I add my experience working as a consultant at the World Bank, and being born and raised in Zambia, one of the poorest aid-recipients in the world. This first-hand knowledge and experience has highlighted for me the legacy of failures of aid, and provided me with a unique understanding of not only the failures of the aid system but also of the tools for what could bring African economic success.”

In fact, Dambisa does not criticise emergency and humanitarian aid, she welcomes it. The problem is the government to government, IMF, WB and other non-binding economic growth support which has not worked in the last 50 years. It has successfully made African economies dependent on life support.

I realised that Nepal is in the same position as Moyo stated thus she can't uplift her and her children are becoming poorer and poorer in the region because of too much dependency on foreign aids and international communities are pouring foreign aid on her for not to allow her to work independently because if she works independently then she'll be like other neighbouring nations who get less aid. Therefore, to keep our ruler in slavery mindset pouring foreign aid on her is best way to do.

It is crucial for everyone of us to understand WHY more foreign aid is pouring in Nepal but WHY not in other South Asian countries. What is the hidden interest of western world on Nepal ? That's the BIG Question that we need to pose and find out for the sake of humanity and prosperity of everyone of us!!

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