Sunday, 8 February 2015

Discussion about Vedism and Buddhism

I love knowing the truth, fact and reality rather than assertion and claim based on scripture knowledge and information that have been swallowed by mass and majority of human beings across the globe from early childhood socialisation process that has made them indoctrinated, cultured humanoid and dogmatic who cannot think and give logic behind scripture thoughts, ideas and knowledge read, heard and swallowed by them. 

I had a wonderful discussion with one Magar man from Singapore who happened to be very much knowledgeable about Veda who is a citizen of India. 

He thinks that Vedism was great than Buddha teaching so I have to give him justification based on fact, truth and reality evidence and logic since he was a logic lover. In our discussion he said:

"Vedic wisdom is totally different than current Hinduism Vedanta brahmanism whatever! And does not believe in idol worship. Yes Veda believes that source of manifested nature is shunya that is Mool Prakriti or primordial nature Which is beyond the observation of physical senses! But a universal conscious force which has infinite power and knowledge brought it from shunya invisible state to drashya visible state with effort and know how! That universal consciousness is invisible and permeates everything that is visible and also is still invisible. Veda called it Aum and many other names. Budha called it shunya also because of invisible nature. Another reason for shunyawad was because of the blind illogical rituals that corrupt bahuns were preaching in the name of creator God."

I told him that:
I am pretty sure you are not up to the level of in knowledge and understanding about Vedism and Hinduism like a Indian great and renowned personality Swami Vivekananda who said "At the time Buddha was born, India was in need of a great spiritual leader, a prophet. All my life I have been very fond of Buddha. I have more veneration for that character than any other— that boldness, that fearlessness, and that tremendous love! He was born for the good of men. Others may seek God, others may seek truth for themselves; he did not even care to know truth for himself. He sought truth because people were in misery. How to help them, that was his only concern. Throughout his life he never had a thought for himself. Buddha died at a ripe old age. I remember a friend of mine, a great American scientist, who was fond of reading his life. He did not like the death of Buddha, because he was not crucified. What a false idea! For a man to be great he must be murdered! Such ideas never prevailed in India. This great Buddha travelled all over India, denouncing her gods and even the God of the universe, and yet he lived to a good old age. For eighty years he lived, and had converted half the country. Buddha is expressly agnostic about God; but God is everywhere preached in our religion. The Vedas teach God -- both personal and impersonal. God is everywhere preached in the Gita. Hinduism is nothing without God. The Vedas are nothing without Him. That is the only way to salvation. Sannyasins have to repeat the following, several times: I, wishing for Mukti, take refuge in God, who created the world, who breathed out the Vedas. Buddha is said to have denied the Vedas because there is so much Himsa (killing) and other things. Every page of Buddhism is a fight with the Vedas (the ritualistic aspect). But he had no authority to do so."

I further wrote:
Vedism believes in creator like Abrahamic religions do whereas Buddha teaching doesn't believe in such imaginative idol and figure rather Buddha believed in the law of nature, natural phenomenon as scientific world thinks and believes how this universe has formed. Please learn the difference between Buddha teachings and others who believe in creationist "GOD". 

Whatever you said you are right in your own level of present understanding about Veda and Buddha and I am also right in my own present level of understanding and consciousness about the issues. BUT please get in-depth insight regarding the difference between Veda and Buddha teaching. I am not against nor for about Veda or Buddha teaching. I am just sharing what I have understood. It seems that you are mostly one sided with vedic wisdom only.

You have to give valid reason with fact, truth and reality WHY Mahabir who formed Janism and Siddhartha Gautam didn't satisfy with Veda knowledge also WHY so many Brahmin who taught veda didn't satisfy with knowledge that they preached which you can understand once you watch above Zee TV episode made by Singaporean Indian origin men.

Then he said:
Can you rephrase what you said in your previous post as there is too many typos. Budha Mahabir etc never studied Sanskrit and Veda. Because the Brahmins never allowed any one to study! That is why I say bahuns hijacked Vedic wisdom. These great Atmans learned through the scientific methods by their own observation.

I replied to him saying,
it sounds that you have forgotten that almost all Kshatriya used to be a King and Brahmins were teachers of those kings and their family members, Kshatriya. Therefore, as far as I knew from historical fact that Kaundinya was born before the time of Siddhartha to a wealthy brahmin family in a town named in Donavatthu, near Kapilavastu, and was known by his family name. When he was growing up, he mastered the three Vedas at a young age and excelled in the science of physiognomy and he taught all 4 vedas to Siddhartha Gautam Buddha and his other family members at the palace who didn't satisfy him with veda knowledge and later became asceitic and very lately became Buddha student himself.

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