Saturday, 7 April 2012

Thoughts become things: Needs to think positively

Positive thinking! positive thinking! positive thinking!! hard to cultivate such thoughts where society is indulge with full of negativity and negative news and incidents spreading around.

I deliberately started to think positively since the time my colleague while working in Mahottari District  (plain, central region of Nepal) told me to think positively. He said this to me in a angrily because he thought that I reported to his supervisor about his performance. I didn't know that I used to think negatively but anyway he thought so. Since than I decided "consciously I will never ever let in my mind  negative ideas and thoughts to come." Since than it has changed my way of viewing and doing things significantly and also whatever I plan and think, it came into reality. I am a knowledge seeker and eager to learn new ideas, thoughts, self help books and articles. which are beneficial for mankind, humanity and the nature. I started to read self help books since early 2004 which has changed myself and my world view.

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