Monday, 19 December 2011

Inspirational Videos and Quotes

  1. Video titled "One of the best inspirational videos ever-Susan Boyle-Britains Got Talent 2009" illustrates that Never every underestimate and laugh on others. Link  
  2. "The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes"  She addressed a UN Meeting on issue of environment at
  3. Positive Quotes video at
  4. Positive & Inspirational Quotes by Melanie Moushigian with great pictures and peaceful music. Enjoy! at
  5. Everything Happens For a Reason at
  6. The Gandhi Rap - be the change you want to see 
  7. Life without Limbs with Life without Limits from Nick Vujicic, No Arms, No Legs, No Worries!
  8. Nick Vujicic-If You Can't Get A Miracle, Become One -- Nick Vujicic - Truth To Go at
  10. Laws of Attraction and Cosmic Forces
    11. 13 mins video by Brain Tracy, expert of Success coached 1000 of great achievers in US at
   -  Having a goal or goals is crucial to you success in life. Weather it's making money or having a dream. Any 
      can achieve there goals if they really work at it and give 100%. Brian Tracy has been a student of success 
      for more than 40 years and he's studied and coached thousands of super achievers. His analysis suggests  
      that success is totally predictable and his reasoning is simple and spot on in this video on achieving goals.

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