Sunday, 4 September 2011

A Girl child being unsafe from her own father: Another case from Nepal

It is very sad to hear day-by-day girls are being raped in Nepal. In 2009, 12 years old girl from Jha ethnic group being raped by her own blood relation father in Sanepa, Lalitpur (posted in June 12, 2011). In June 29, 2011 Nepali Buddhist nun (by caste Tamang) had gang-raped by five men (bus drivers including their helpers) in the eastern region of Nepal, Khadbari.

Again, now another 14 years old, Astha Chaudhary from Tharu community in the western part of Nepal, Kailali district has raped since last one and half year by her own blood relation father as reported by Avenues television "Khabar Bhitra Ko Khabar" (dated Sep 2, 2011 at 

Fade of hearing and listening these kinds of news from our societies. What's going on these men in our societies? Why men die for sex? How daughters or girls can be protected from these inhumane men (own father and others) in Nepal or elsewhere?  


  1. Hi Laxmi
    In this sad context the post I have just wrote may be interesting for you:
    gender related violence is a real problem, in all countries.
    best regards