Tuesday, 5 July 2011

How Australian Leadership Award Scholars perceived me?

Recently, as part of the Australian Leadership Awards we, 26 scholars from 12 different countries studying in different Australian universities i.e. Australian National University, University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, University of Wollongoing and the University of Macquaire had attended the Leadership Development Program Workshop from 1-4 July in the Kangaroo Valley Golf and Country Resort, New South Wales. It was wonderful, very meaningful and very hectic workshop with lots of fun, individual leadership showcase presentation and sharing, group exercises, games, peer coaching, plenary discussions, outdoor activities such as military-style abseiling, 'leap of faith' and many more. The experience was awesome with full of insightful learning experiences. 

On the last day of the workshop facilitators had asked each participant to draw a picture of each scholar's hand on their handbook and suggested to comments about them on it. This was really great to know how individual scholar view towards each of us. Here are their views about me.
- Energetic and Fun
- Energetic, fun, direct, no fuss, pratical
- Enthusiastic, assertive
- Lively
- Super empowered
- Very ambitious and nice
- Strong determination
- Network
- From Nepal, Yeah!!
- Powerful and inspirational
- Ambitious with set goal
- Future Health Minister
- You are too good, keep your spirit up!
- Nice..........
- Hardworking
- Care and strong
- Our leader
- She likes me! lol.
- Brave/courage/deep thinker/Intelligent
- Supreme courage
- Activist
- Socrable
- Intelligent
- I love you Laxmi, you are very nice friend

As per the exercise during the workshop I have been scored high as a pragmatist followed by theorist, activist and reflector, which is awesome to know ourselves how we think and behave in the natural settings and in our daily lives and our network circle perceive us.


  1. All of them were right, I guess.:) Nice blog Laxmi didi, I need to get connected with your IT friend as well.

  2. Thanks Subash ji for the comment and visiting my blog. I can teach you to make it simple blog like mine. I knew bit how to do it but didn't have idea to make it nice so I've requested Pramod Parajuli at UTS who is doing PhD in IT.

  3. Laxmi ji,

    Very pleased to see/read your blog. I am impressed with your dedication and courage and applaud your success so far. Wish you the very best in the PhD program too.

    warm regds,


  4. Hey, Mona thanks for visiting my blog and your comments. Really appreciated. I'm so pleased to know that you are gender expert. Awesome! Let's work together fighing against any forms of GBV in our country that women and girls are facing.