Monday, 13 June 2011

A girl child being unsafe from her own father in Nepalese society: Sexual molestation

I would like to take an opportunity to share very sad incident took place in the life of 12 years old girl being sexually molested by her own blood relations father (not adopted) in Nepal. This is the real story of one of my staff members, Sumitra Jha's family. Two years back (in 2009), Sumitra's (named changed) niece has been raped by her own father in Sanepa, Lalitpur. Sumitra by profession is a nurse has known about the incident from her niece when second time her father attempted her to rape she was screaming and running towards Sumitra’s house in Sanepa and her father (Sumitra's brother) was running after her.

Only after a month going through critical investigation process pledging policemen Sumitra and her younger brother proved him guilty. They identified that he has been continuously engaged in sexual relationships with his wife’s sisters since he got married. He was constantly sexually harassing and abusing his wife sisters one after another till they got marry. When all three his wife sisters got marry and he asked his wife to find out someone for him to have a sex but his wife refused. So, he warned his wife saying that he can do whatever he wish if she does not find someone to have a sex. This is how story started and raped her daughter.
Since Sumitra was bold enough they locked up him in Jail in Nakhu, Lalitpur and still now he is in jail. Sumitra said she couldn’t believe how policemen were asking them not take this case seriously because it is a matter of family prestige and better to dismiss the case.
Sumitra shared about this case and sought advice with me, asking what to do to his brother. Otherwise, such news would never come out in the public. But sadly Sumitra niece is very much mentally depressed because she could not believe that her own father could do that to her. So, recover from this sitation she has been sent to India for her further study.

Sexual molestation is common in Nepalese society which has been increasingly reporting by media it could be because of increasing public awareness as well as women empowerment dare to seek justice for such inhuman barbaric action of some ill minded male family members usually father, grand-father, uncle and brothers. Therefore, unless and until we don't empower and educate each and every mother and girl child this kind of incidents will continue among girls and story will remain concealed.


  1. Indira Bashyal17 June 2011 at 14:52

    Laxmi Sis!!!
    NAMASKAR. first of all congratulations on being successful to have your own blog. And also, thanks for sharing one of the bitter truth with us. I think now it is all educated women's reprehensibility to do something to overcome such problems, isn't it. I have got some bitter experience as well and wish if I could do something for them.

    Sis, can I just suggest you either to change the real name or keep the name secret in any story you share as it is a confidential matter. Isn't it ? Sorry if I am wrong.

  2. absolutely right, being a nurse i think we should maintain every individuals confidentality.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions and you are right. Sushila ji has given me the consent to do so and told me that she is happy to share the story with others. The story was also published in the national magazine and she also asked me to write in the Kantipur Newspaper but I couldn't make it.

  4. This sort of things will always exist in our society. Its the inevitable circle of life that values the one who is strong and inflicts pain on those who are weak. Women are always being pressed and the freedom they have is paltry comparison to men. I would say the deep cause of the root also lies in our societal view of men being the only breadwinner. They should be equally responsible for their sustenance and shouldnt entirely depend on their husband. The equal right that can be exercised wholly rests on the willingness to prove the worth of it.

  5. Well appreciated real article and you should post some article relating with marital rape and harrassment . good luck