Thursday, 7 September 2017

Very rare personality type, INFJ (Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling, Judging) I have 😜😘😛

What is a normal to one person, culture, country/place and religious group is abnormal to others which I got to understand once I started to explore to understand gender-based discrimination root cause because whatever bias or discrimination or injustice or inequality based on sex, race, skinned colour, class, caste, geographical region or belief take place in a human society it is just the fruits that have been ripen to taste which we have been tasting since we were born or earlier than that our ancestors had tasted. I was not that much aware about discrimination or inequality thus I know nothing about it before, till I completed my Master in Public Health although I used to face some discriminatory attitude and behaviour especially from my elder brother and mother. However, following the establishment of the first and only nurse-midwives led birthing centre in 2007 from our own out of pocket expenses to empower nurses to help them to stand independent in helping others women, especially childbearing women I came to realise the intensity of discriminatory attitude and behaviour in the society and among professionals. After gaining three years of running the birthing centre I decided to pursue my further education in the related field focusing on gender power relations in sexual and reproductive health (SRH) to under about it in-depth. SRH is my passionate field because I worked in this field once I joined public health sector in 1997 with Women's Rehabilitation Centre (WOREC) where currently I am a board member as per the request of the founding chairperson, Dr Renu Adhikari Rajbhandari. 
Anyway, while doing my doctorate I explored lot of books and articles relating to the issue and realised that unless and until we don't change our mindset nothing going to happen. I realised that everything is psychology and psychology has been controlling our body, mind and spirit including human attitude, behaviour and emotion that construct our personality traits. Since then intentionally I tried to became abnormal for those considered themselves normal fitting in socially constructed norms, values and beliefs.
I see that most of the people like to be a normal fitting very well in their cultured society and cultured mind. However, I am bit wired who don't like to be a normal fitting myself in a Gaussian coined normal distribution statistical belly curve median of around 68% that's why I chose to be abnormal to remain odd in out in my thoughts and actions. This could be the reason WHY I had most of these traits that very rare only in 2% of the world population have personality type [1, 2,3].
1. They always see the big picture and invest in long-term.
They always weigh out their options before making a move. If something is not good enough they will figure out a better way.
2. They are hardworking.
They work hard and will always do the job correctly even if they have to plan out all the tiny little details.
3. They trust their gut feelings.
They are deep thinkers who are highly intuitive. While they do go over all the possible outcomes of everything in their minds they also know when their gut tells them to do something that they should do it.
4. They are truth seekers.
INFJs seek a deeper meaning for everything happening in this universe.
5. They do not like to work with people who disagree with them.
They prefer small groups of people instead of large ones. If you don’t agree with them and cannot come to some sort of common ground they will up and cut you out of everything.
6. They are good at comforting people.
They are great at providing the shoulder you need to cry on.
7. They can read people.
They can see people for who they truly are if you have bad intentions chances are they can tell.
8. They are often lonely.
Even in a room full of people they still feel like the odd man out. This is because they are so ‘different.’
9. They are either all or nothing.
They value quality over quantity and if you are not putting in your best efforts they want nothing to do with you.
10. They are full of contradictions.
They are always going from one end of the spectrum to the other. This sometimes makes them hard to follow.
11. They are great at connecting the dots.
Figuring things out is one of their strong points. If you can’t find an answer you may want to go to an INFJ for advice.
12. They are writers, not talkers.
The INFJ, for the most part, wants to get things out with paper and pen over word of mouth. Writing is a means of bringing an end to all the chaos going on in their minds. If you want an INFJ to talk on the phone unexpectedly chances are there will be quite a few moments of silence.
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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Historical injustice should be addressed through Reparation

Historical social injustice should be addressed through Reparation for the systematic, structural and strategic marginalisation of certain groups by the state which has done in Nepal since 18th century imposing unjust law, policies and strategies based on the Law of Manu "Manusmriti". However, it has been overlooked because only handful of Nepalese are aware and informed about it and the vast majority of people who are holding power in the state three major pillars known as executive, legislative and juridic belong to those families, colour, class and caste whose ancestors were involved in marginalisation and discrimination of large group of Nepalese.
According to the Constitution of Nepal “Marginalized” means those who have been forced to fall backward politically, economically and socially, those who have been unable to avail services because of discrimination and harassment, and because of geographical disconnection, and those communities whose standard of living has been below the legal standard as specified in the Human Development indicators. It also signifies the ultra-marginalized and communities on verge of extinction [1]. In Nepal according to the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities following indigenous have been classified as a marginalised group. These include
1. Sunuwar
2. Tharu
3. Tamang
4. Bhujel
5. Kumal
6. Rajbansi
7. Gangai
8. Dhimal
9. Bhote
10. Darai
11. Tajpuriya
12. Pahari
13. Topkegola
14. Dolpo
15. Free
16. Mugal
17. Larke
18. Lohpa
19. Dura
20. Walung
According to the Nepal Multidimensional Exclusion Index 2013 aforementioned marginalised groups are massively deprived from the state welfare system [2]. However, they still has to compete with caste/ethnic groups that have privileged by the state system. In order to uplift marginalised communities government of Nepal should make policies, strategies and plans based on the available evidence such as Nepal Multidimensional Exclusion Index 2013.
Therefore, when government of Nepal makes policy to uplift these marginalised group members they have to clearly specify how they will uplift from their present status of backwardness because of unjust politically, economically and socially discriminatory policies, law and strategies imposed on them and their ancestors. They should be provided justice by reparation addressing historical injustice that was imposed on them.
1. Government of Nepal 2015. Constitution of Nepal 2015. Kathmandu, Nepal.
2. Bennett L. & Parajuli D. 2013. The Nepal Multidimensional Exclusion Index: Making Smaller Social Groups Visible and Providing a Baseline for Tracking Results on Social Inclusion, Himal Books, Kathmandu.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Gender stereotypical hypocritical attitudes and behaviours towards girls and women in Nepalese society

We are what we think and utter as our thoughts are seeds of words that propel us to take action that exhibit in our attitudes and behaviours. Psychological evidence suggests that an individuals' thoughts and ideas shape societal perspective and mindset on how one looks surroundings and its objects, individual and society as a whole. 
In Nepalese society from each and every aspect of socioeconomic affair females are always look down because of gender stereotypical hypocritical attitudes and perceptions towards them from womb to tomb. From their feminine power of production and reproduction that is directly relating to their sexuality and characteristics they have been negatively and submissively prototype  believing and thinking that they are worthless human being, can't do anything without male members of their life and family. Therefore, proverbs relating to misogynist views and attitudes have been coined since ancient time that we commonly hear in our society even these days uttering by both men and women. Some of the commonly use and refer gender stereotypical misogynist Nepali proverbs include [1]: 
Beget a son, and dine on mutton; beget a daughter, get pumpkin.
A daughter is the nest of shame.
The daughter is dead and so is infamy
The daughter is for managing the household; the son is for the world.
The riches in the fist and the wife within sight.
A manly man has ten wives.

The crowing of a hen is unbecoming.
Do not ask a man’s salary, nor a woman’s age.
Father and son doing the accounts; mother and daughter swapping things.
A daughter is reared for the in-laws as the dog is taken by the leopard.
Straw houses can never last, women never retain their caste.
If you have a foot, shoes are always readily available.
Blacker than coal, tattered clothes with holes,
Without beauty and grace, in a husband-hunting race.
Even a mouse marries seven times in December.
Many a wanton woman have ten husbands; but not one at the time of death.
Even the fart of the youngest wife tends to be sweet.
Fatherlessness makes one a half-orphan; motherlessness makes one a full orphan.
Look for a pebbly uneven plot, go for a wife with a goitre.
The swapping of cooked rice and a wife is not done.
If romance does not work, there is always the wife at home.
Nepalese society it is irony that females are remembered only when there is a distressful situation and accordingly proverbs have been created by old days feudal mindset men. Some of the proverbs include [1]:
A mother is remembered only at times of distress.
If the maternal breast could not gratify,
Would the sucking of father’s knee satisfy?
1. Uprety, Balram, 2008. Beauty, grace and the crowing hen. Accessed from

Thursday, 17 August 2017

बाहुन को बुद्धि हुन्छ, तामांग को बुद्धि हुदैन भन्ने विद्वानहरुको बुझाई प्रति समर्पित आलेख

जतिसुकै पढे लेखेका देश विदेश डुलेका भएता पनि नेपालमा कस्तो बुझाई होला म त कुरा सुन्दा पनि तीन छक्क पर्छु कतिपय हाम्रा नेवार समुदायका विज्ञ विद्वान बुद्धिजीवीहरुको बुझाई सुन्दा |
विगत केहि समय यता मेरो भेट भयो शैक्षिक प्रतिष्ठानको एक उच्च पधाधिकारी ज्युसंग जसले विधावारधि पनि गर्नु भएको छ जनस्वास्थ्य क्षेत्रमा तर पेशागत व्यवसायले भने उहाँ चिकित्सक हुनु हुन्छ नेवार "श्रेष्ठ" समुदायबाट अनि उहाँको बुझाई रहेछ तामांग समुदायको व्यक्ति टाठोबाठो हुन्न, ल्वादे हुन्छ भनेर |
उहाँले म संग कुरा गर्ने वितिकै भन्दै आई रहनु भएको छ म लगयात अन्यसंग,
"लक्ष्मी जी कस्तो बाठो बाहुन जस्तै तामांग भएर पनि" भनेको सुन्दा मैले पनि जवाफ उहाँलाई यसरी दिदै आई रहेको छु,
"बाहुनहरुको संगतले गर्दा म पनि तामांग को बाहुन भई सकेको छु, चलाक, चण्डाल र चतुर कागको फुल चोर्ने टाठोबाठो |"
बुद्धि र सुरो बारेमा पृथ्वी नारायण शाहले भन्नु भएको रहेछ आफ्नो दिब्य उपदेशमा यस्तो,
"यो तीन शहर (काठमाडौँ, भक्तपुर र ललितपुर) भनेको चिसो ढुङ्गो रहेछ | खेलखाल मात्र ठुलो रहेछ | कुवाको पानी खानेको बुद्धि पनि हुदैन, सुरो पनि हुदैन, खेलखाल मात्र हुँदो रहेछ .....|"
हामी तामांग समुदाय भनेको हिमाल र पहाडमा बस्ने उच्च हिमालको शुद्ध बगेको पानी पिउने जाति परियो | त्यसैले कुरा बुझ्नु मुसु मुसु हास्नु मनमा शान्ति लिनु | 😜😜
जे होस् सोहि क्रममा उहाँले मेरो अगाडी नै आफ्नो एक जना युवा प्रसुती रोग विशेषज्ञ सहपाठीसंग कुरामा कुरा गर्दै भन्नु भ्याई हाल्नु भयो,
"लक्ष्मी जी तामांग भएर पनि निक्कै बाठो हुनु हुन्छ |"
तत्पश्च्यत ती युवा प्रसुती रोग विशेषज्ञ जो बाहुन थिए उनले भने,
"तपाईलाई तामांग समुदाय बारेमा खासै जानकारी छैन रहेछ उनीहरु एकदम सुरो बाठो टाठो हुन्छ तर राज्यले उनीहरुलाई थिचो मिचोमा राखेका थिए विगतमा त्यसैले शैक्षिक र आर्थिक रुपमा पिछिडिएका हुन् उनीहरु" |
तामांग एक जना पढे लेखेका छन् भने काफी हुँदा रहेछ भनेर त कुलमान घिसिंगबाटै प्रष्ट हुनु पर्ने हो आजसम्म कुनै पनि जातजातिको पदाधिकारीले गर्न नसकेको काम गरेर देखाई दिए नेपाललाई उज्यालो मार्गमा लगेर बाहुनको साथ र हात पाएर र बुद्धि भने आफ्नै प्रयोग गरेर | त्यसैले मैले भन्दै आई रहेको छु यदि नेपाललाई विकासको लागि निकास दिलाउने हो भने तीन समुदायहरु: बाहुन, तामांग र नेवार" मिल्नु पर्ने हुन्छ किन कि बाहुनको सत्तामा शक्ति र बुद्धि छ भने तामांग को बल, बुद्धि र निष्ठावान कर्मयोगी छ र उपत्यका वरिपरी छ भने नेवारको धन र जन छ राष्ट्रको केन्द्रमा थुप्रिएको |
जतिसुकै शहरमा बसेर कुनै एक विषय को विशेषज्ञता भएता पनि नेपाल र हिन्दुस्तानको सामाजिक, राजनीतिक, धार्मिक र आर्थिक इतिहास नबुझ्नेहरुले ठान्ने गर्छन बाहुन मात्र टाठोबाठो जात हुन् भनेर | बाहुन कसरी टाठोबाठो जात भए भनेर हिन्दुस्तान र नेपालको इतिहास केलाउन थाले पछि आफै प्रष्ट हुन्छ यदि तपाई हाम्रो मति भ्रष्ट भएको छैन भने मानवताको लागि |
हुन् त मैले सुनेको कति सम्म सत्य, तथ्य र यथार्थ हो काठमाडौँ उपत्यकाको नेवार समुदायहरु बाहुन समुदायलाई अतिनै बाठोटाठो ठुलो जात ठान्ने गर्छन त्यसैले आफ्नो छोरी चेली बाहुनसंग बिहे गरोस उच्च जातसंग आफ्नो सम्बन्ध स्थापना होस् भन्ने चाहन्छन भनेर | कस्तो चाहना होला भनेर म तीन छक्क पर्दै आई रहेको छु | गम्भीर र गहन रुपमा पढे त जो कोहि पनि टाठोबाठो भई हालिन्छ नि हाम्रो बाहुन समुदायहरुको मानिसहरु झैँ जसको पुर्खाले ३००० वर्ष देखि अध्धयन अध्यापन गर्ने काम गर्दै आई रहेका छन् जसले गर्दा आजको दिनमा आएर उनीहरु टाठोबाठो चतुर, चण्डाल र चलाक भए तर निष्ठावान भने खासै हुन् सक्नु भएको छैन उनीहरुको आफ्नै अज्ञानताले गर्दा लोभ लालचमा फसेर शक्ति र भक्तिको लागि |
जे होस मैले भन्दै आई रहेको छु यस विश्वमा दुई समुदायका व्यक्तिहरुलाई म सम्मान गर्छु किन कि उनीहरुको मन फनफनी ३६० डिग्रीमा खेलाउने गर्छन चाहे मानवताको अल्गी होस् या दानावताको लागि | तर विश्वका दुई समुदाय जो आफ्नो साम्प्रदायिक धर्मको कट्टरपन्थी पनि मान्दै आई रहेका छन् उनीहरु अतिकै तिक्षण बुद्धि विवेका हुन्छन | ती हुन् पश्चिमामुलुकमा यहुदी र दक्षिण पूर्वी मुलुकमा बाहुन |
विश्वमा जे जति राजनीतिक, आर्थिक, संस्कृतिक र धार्मिक दर्शनहरुको साथै वैज्ञानिक दर्शनहरुको पथ दर्शक पनि यी दुई समुदायकै व्यक्तिहरु छन् जस्तै: कार्ल मार्क्स, लेनिन, मनोविशलेषक सिंगमेण्ड फ्र्याड, अल्बर्ट आईनस्टाइन, नोमन चोमोस्की, आरिया नागार्जुन, गुरु रिम्पोच्छे (पदम सम्भव) आदि जो महान व्यक्तित्वहरु हुन् जसको सोच विचार र सिद्धान्तले आजसम्ममा पनि विश्व मानव जगतलाई हलाई रहेका छन् |
हामी जो कोहि, जुनसुकै समुदाय वा धार्मिक सम्प्रदायको भएता पनि मानव हौ | मानव भन्नाले एक चेतनशील विवकेशील प्राणी हो जो कोहिले अध्धयन अध्यापन गर्ने कार्यमा गम्भीर र गहन रुपमा लाग्न सकेको जो को पनि टाठोबाठो हुन्छ भन्ने पुष्टि भई सकेको छ अध्धयन अनुसन्धानहरुबाट जुन तपाई हाम्रै वरिपरी पनि प्रशस्त उदाहरणहरु छन् यदि खोज्न र बुझ्न सक्यौ भने | कुरा बुझ्नु पर्छ अनि पो मनमा शान्ति मिल्छ र मुसु मुसु हास्नु पाईन्छ |

भोटे हुनुमा पृथक गर्व सहितको शान र मान ! 😜

नेपालसहित विश्वको यो बदलिदो सामाजिक, आर्थिक र राजनीतिक परिवेशमा शेतामगुरालि (शेर्पा, तामांग, मगर, गुरुङ, राई र लिम्बु) हरु एक जुट भए के हुन्छ भन्ने सत्य, तथ्य र यथार्थ बुझेका छैनन् जस्तो छ भोटेको लिङ्ग पुजक कतिपय हाम्रा शासक शोसक र सरकारको नोकरशाहहरु (bureaucrats) र सुरक्षाकर्मीहरु (security forces) ले |
त्यसैले जहिले पनि शेतामगुरालिलाई भोटे भन्दै घृणा, अपमान, तिरस्कार, बहिस्कार गर्ने गर्छन राज्यको संयन्त्रबाट जतिसुकै पढे लेखेका सभ्य शिक्षित विद्वान बुद्धिजीवी र विज्ञ हु भन्दै आएता पनि |
तर राम्रोसंग बुझेका छन् हाम्रा शासक, शोसक र सरकारको नोकरशाहहरु (bureaucrats) ले भन्ने लाग्छ शेतामगुरालिलाई एक जुट हुन् दिनु हुन्न भनेर किन कि यदि यिनीहरु एक जुट भएमा हाम्रो सिरीखुरी कहाँ जाला भनेर बुझेकै कारणले गर्दा जहिले पनि राजकाज गर्नु बाहुन क्षेत्रीले नै त्यसमा पनि उच्च कोटी को जात नखसेकोले बाहुन क्षेत्रीहरुबाट भनेर आज भन्दा ५५ वर्ष अघि नै |
जाड रक्सि टन्नै खाओस पियोस जहिले पनि शेतामगुरालिहरुको मन, मस्तिष्क र मानसिकता बाक्लो बोधो सुस्त होस भन्ने हेतुले नै यी शेतामगुरालिहरुले जाड रक्सि पिएमा कहिल्यै सजाय दिदैन थियो जुन मुलुक ऐन १९१० मा प्रष्ट उल्लेख गरेको छ यदि जो कोहि बाहुन क्षेत्रीहरुले जाड रक्सि पिएमा सजाय दिनु | तर शेतामगुरालि पिएमा सजाय नदिनु भनेर |
त्यस्तै गरी जति फुटाउन सक्यो उतिनै जित हुन्छ भन्ने सुझ बुझ सहितको मानसिकताले गर्दा नै जहिले पनि फुटाउ र राज गरको नीति लिदै आई रहेका छन् हाम्रा शासक शोसकहरुले जुन प्रष्ट हुन्छ पृथ्वी नारायण शाहको दिब्य उपदेश पढ्दा जसमा यस प्रकारले उल्लेख गरेका छन् आफ्नो मामासंग बातचित गर्दा | के कति कुराले मेरो काम फत्ते होला मामा भनेर पृथ्वी नारायण शाहले आफ्नो मामासंग सल्लाह लिदा उनको मामाले यसरी अर्ति बुद्धि दिएका थिए आफ्नो भान्जालाई भन्ने प्रष्ट हुन्छ निम्न अंश दिब्य उपदेशको पढ्दा:
"कुरू क्षेत्रको मेला नभई नेपाल (काठमाडौँ उपत्यका) फुट्ने छैन | लमजुंग भनेको गरुड हो | गोर्खा भनेको सर्प हो | नेपाल भनेको भ्यागुतो हो | अघि गरुडको आश छल्नु, तब सर्पले भ्यागुतो खान पाउछ | मेरो साथमा चार जातका सिपाही छन | यीनमा कसको सवार गरे चाडो काज फत्ते होला भनी सोद्ध के के जात छन् भनी सोध्नु भयो | बाहुन, खस, मगर र ठकुरी यीनमा कसको सवार गर्यो भने चाडो काज फत्ते होला भनी सोद्धा बाहुनको सवार भनेको बयेल (साढे गोरु) हो पाप लाग्छ | ठकुरीको सवार भनेको सिंह हो पछाडी दाग हुन्छ | मगरको सवार भनेको टागन घोडा हो ढिलो हुन्छ | खसको सवार भनेको ताजी तुर्की घोडा हो, खसको सवार गरेमा चाडो होला भन्या जस्तो लाग्छ भनी अरु धेरै कुराको अर्ति दिएर जानु भएको थियो |"
सोहि कारणले गर्दा संघियताको रखांकन गर्दा पनि शेतामगुरालि एक होलान भन्ने मनोडरले गर्दा सिमा निर्धारण पनि सोहि अनुसार गरेको बुझिन्छ जुन अभ्यास विगतमा पनि भएको थियो जिल्ला र अंचल विभाजन गर्दा महेन्द्र सरकारको पालामा |
एक दिन भोटेहरुले मज्जाले चोट र खोट लगाई दिन्छ अनि चाख्छ किन कि भोटे "शिव जी" विनासकारी हुन् भन्दै पुज्दै आई रहेका छन् आस्था र विश्वासको केन्द्र बिन्दु भन्दै जतिसुकै गाजा भाग खाएता पनि हिमाली कैलाश पर्वत भोटे पुत्रले |
यस विश्वका मनोवैज्ञानिक र मनोविश्लेषकहरुको भनाई अनुसार गर्व गर्नु मानव जातिको तल्लो स्तरको चेतनाको प्रतिफल हो भनेता पनि भोटे हुनुमा गर्व लाग्छ मलाई चाही किन कि हिमाली देश, भोट कैलाश पर्बत निवाशी भोटे शिवजीको लिङ्ग हिन, निच/तल्लो भेगमा बस्नेहरुको लागि शक्तिको पिठ हो |😜

Hypocritical executive, juridical and legislative systems of Nepal to highlander Nepalese

Although Nepal government commits ending all forms of discriminations and oppression created by the feudal, autocratic, centralized and unitary system embracing multi-caste, multi-lingual, multi-cultural and diverse geographical specificities, by ending discriminations relating to class, caste, region, language, religion and gender discrimination including all forms of racial untouchability, in order to protect and promote unity in diversity, social and cultural solidarity, tolerance and harmonious attitudes, we also express our determination to create an egalitarian society on the basis of the principles of proportional inclusion and participation, to ensure equitable economy, prosperity and social justice [1], however, in practice and reality it is different.
In Nepal Constitution promulgated in 2015 states in its article 16 about Right to equality: (1) All citizens shall be equal before law. No person shall be denied the equal protection of law. (2) There shall be no discrimination in the application of general laws on the grounds of origin, religion, race, caste, tribe, sex, physical conditions, disability, health condition, matrimonial status, pregnancy, economic condition, language or geographical region, or ideology or any other such grounds. (3) The state shall not discriminate among citizens on grounds of origin, religion, race, caste, tribe, sex, economic condition, language or geographical region, ideology and such other matters. Provided that nothing shall be deemed to bar the making of special provisions by law for the protection, empowerment or advancement of the women lagging behind socially and culturally, Dalits, Adibasi, Madhesi, Tharus, Muslims, oppressed class, backward communities, minorities, marginalized groups, peasants, laborers, youths, children, senior citizens, sexual minorities, persons with disability, pregnant, incapacitated and the helpless persons, and of the citizens who belong to backward regions and financially deprived citizens including the Khas Arya.
However, this like an elephant's truck that is just to show but in reality for chewing it has different teeth inside the mouth that bites but hides.Although it is against the Constitution of Nepal 2015 to discriminate, humiliate and oppress any Nepali citizen but in practice it is just the other way around because in the executive, judiciary and legislative systems of Nepal Khas Arya is the one who rule, fool and bull Madhesi and indigenous tribal community known as Shetamagurali (Sherpa, Tamang, Magar, Gurung, Rai and Limbu) people of Nepal. In the recent incidence taken in high himalaya district of Nepal police brutally treated shouting, torturing, detaining and even killing some of the them.
"The police repeatedly shouted derogatory and provocative comment at locals: “Saaley bhote haaru lai ek ek gari maar din chu, we will kill you Bhotes one by one.” Bhote is a pejorative used against the highlanders, suggesting that they are Tibetans, and therefore not Nepali.
Ngawang Tenzin recounts bitterly how during his detention, the police inspector in charge of the APF yelled at him in English: “This is Nepal. But it is not your country.”
Ebi Tsewang, 85, vividly describes the traumatic impact of the police actions that night.
The 13 who were detained, and tortured, were released the following day on the condition they sign their names on a document stating that the death of a local was not caused by police beating. The group included women and those who could neither read nor write."
The assumption that Dolpöpas are not Nepali people is akin to discrimination against people of Terai, where the Madhesis are dismissed as Indians. Despite Nepal’s cultural and ethnic diversity and move towards federalism, the idea of a monocultural national identity persists. This continues to shape behaviors towards the ethnic “other,” particularly from local senior bureaucrats and members of the security forces.
Mid-lander Khas Arya whose ancestors migrated from India in ancient time always use derogatory and pejorative term "BHOTE" to indigenous tribal population of Nepal living in Himalaya. These include Mongolian or Asian/Chinese looking people whose nose is shorter, eyes are smaller and don't hold POWER in mainstreaming government system, for example, Sherpa, Tamang, Magar, Gurung, Rai and Limbu known as Shetamagurali.
Although the term Bhote usually has been using as a derogatory, provocative and pejorative by rulers and ruling colour, class and caste (Khas-Arya) however, I easily digest it because I know why they have been using it and its connotation to them is Brave, Big, Bold, Strong, Honest and Healthy. This is the reason WHY in Nepal when Khas Arya people say
Bhote ko Bachcha that suggests Healthy Big Baby;
Bhote Kukur, indicating Big Tibetan Mastiff Dog;
Bhote Talcha, referring to Strong Pad Lock
Bhote Glass, indicating Big Glass
1. Government of Nepal, 2015. Constitution of Nepal.
2. Gurung, P. 2017. Police brutality in the Himalaya. Accessed from

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Wonder WHY best drug to control childbirth related bleeding has been disgraced 😕😞

"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but a little want of knowledge is also a dangerous thing."
- Samuel Butler (1835-1902), an iconoclastic English novelist and writer
Wondering and pondering to learn from childbirth experts to wipe out my IGNORANCE about bleeding management during childbirth.
With my little understanding I am very much curious in my mind to learn about fact, truth and reality wondering and pondering to understand WHY Oxytocin is much more preferred than Tranxemic acid to control and prevent bleeding during childbirth.
We all know that Oxytocin that we administer intravenously via infusion or intramuscular is the best drug of choice to prevent haemorrhage of childbirth. However, it has to keep in a refrigerator to prevent from damage from the heat.
In low income countries like Nepal in rural and remote settings where majority of women face life threatening condition due to bleeding relating childbirth there is no provision to keep Oxytocin in a refrigerator especially in low land/tarai region where heat during summer goes up to 30-40 degree Celsius.
I wonder and ponder WHY we fail to use and recommend very easily affordable, accessible and feasible to keep drug like Tranexamic acid we do prefer instead of Oxytocin to prevent any form of bleeding relating to childbirth although it is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, the most effective and safe medicines needed in a health system to prevent any form of bleeding [1].
Tranexamic acid was discovered in 1962 by Utako Okamoto, a Japanese medical doctor working as a medical scientist in her quest to find a drug that would treat bleeding after childbirth (post-partum haemorrhage). She found it was 27 times as powerful and thus a promising hemostatic agent and published their findings in the Keio Journal of Medicine in 1962.
Tranexamic acid's value remained unappreciated for years, and it was not until 2009, that it was included on the WHO list of essential medicines to be used during cardiac surgery.
In 2010, a large randomised controlled trial in trauma patients showed its remarkable benefit if given within 3 hours of injury. Also in 2010, the WOMAN (World Maternal Antifibrinolytic) trial began, a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of tranexamic acid in 20 060 women with post-partum haemorrhage (Lancet 2016). Enrollment was completed in 2016, and in April 2017, the results were published and showed that tranexamic acid reduced death in the 10,036 treated women versus the 9985 on placebo with no adverse effects (Lancet 2017).
Professor Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, President of FIGO and Professor Emeritus of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, St George’s, University of London say [2],
“New knowledge on use of tranexamic acid, one-to-one blood to plasma transfusion and advances in technology and techniques have reduced morbidity and mortality for postpartum haemorrhage.

1. WHO, 2012. WHO recommendations for the prevention and treatment of postpartum haemorrhage. World Health Organisation, Geneva. Accessed from
2. RCOG, 2014. RCOG release: FIGO President discusses management of postpartum haemorrhage at Qatar conference, accessed from

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

My problem is your problem: We both owned the same problem!😜😜😜

Some of the readers of my status and blog, and listeners of my conversations in gatherings told me that I am a feminist because I write and talk about female issues. Similarly, I have been told that I am a racist because I write and talk against racism and racial discrimination. Also I have been told that I am against Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam because I write and talk against all forms of indoctrinated dogmatic beliefs imposed to each of us since early childhood that has programmed our mind which doesn't let us to think freely and fearlessly. Likewise, I was told that I am a casteist because I write and talk against caste based discrimination digging and bringing out historical injustice related facts and figures committed by rulers based on colour, class and caste especially in Nepal and India.
I don't know who am I but everyone who reads my status and blog, and listen by conversations know who am I. 😜😜
I know nothing about myself except that I am aware of that I am an energy, born in human form. I didn't have any choice to be born as a female sex. I didn't have any choice to be born in a socio-culturally identified ethnic tribal group known as "Tamang" who usually follow Bon Buddhism tradition in Nepal. I didn't have any choice to be born with the couple that belong to Nepal land citizen although I was born in Malaysia from them since my father was a British Gurkha solider by then.
I might be wrong in my understanding, however, I believe that it is my past karmic outcome/result that has randomly destined me by mother nature to be born as a female sex in a Tamang family of Nepal that follow Bon Buddhism socio-cultural tradition who has been systematically, structurally and strategically marginalised in a planned way writing the state law and order intentionally to marginalise, discriminate, dominate, humiliate, ostracise and criticise by the rulers and their advisers, teachers, priests who belong to ruling supreme colour, class and caste as mentioned in Indian literature and scriptures like Manusmriti, Mahabharat, Bhagawat Gita, Ramayan, and Puranas.
Wrong is wrong whoever do it.
Injustice is injustice even if parents who give birth to their own child do it. Therefore, none of the rulers nor their advisers, teachers and priests or anyone who belong to either supreme or low /poor colour, class and caste have right to violent rights of any human being born on this planet.
Being a learned one it is my responsibility and duty to make aware and awake to accept injustice happened to certain sex "female", certain skin colour "brown and black" people, low socioeconomic class and caste "Sudhra" and outcaste people.
Image may contain: textLike where we suppose to born we don't have any choice same applies to the skin colour, class and caste to choose we don't have any choice while we were born. Therefore, as a learned ignorant fool I must voice and stand against anyone whoever discriminate based on sex creating GENDER which is very DANGER, colour, class and caste or locality.
Everyone knows that Perpetrators or any criminal, immoral or bad doers like to hide their bad and immoral doings
BUT my problem is that I love to disclose whatever they had done 🤣 that's the problem perpetrators, criminals, immoral or bad doers and their supporters have which I understand clearly thus write and talk fearlessly because I know FEAR is controlling our mind, body and spirit to stand up and speak out for the injustice and crime committed by our rulers and ruling sex, colour, class and caste across the globe in a human worldly world which we can't see and find in the animal and bird world.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Justice cannot be prevailed in a setting and shopping injustice jurisdiction system of Nepal

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
In Nepali we have saying "Hamro Desh Ko Kanunn Daiba Le Janunn" in literally translation it means only god knows Nepal's law which means no one knows how justice prevail in Nepal only those knows who have access to political and economical power that can influence jurisdiction system of Nepal and its custodians. That's for sure justice cannot be prevailed in a setting and shopping injustice jurisdiction system of Nepal. I wonder HOW anyone can get justice from jurisdiction system of Nepal when there is a setting and shopping games based on political parties' ideological affiliation among honourable judges and bribery practice including purchasing power of an individuals who are seeking justice can shop those judges that had been explained clearly by the Ex-Chief Justice Sushila Karki in her interview that she gave with Mr. Dil Bhushan Pathak in Tough Talk program of Kantipur Television on 7 June, 2017 [1].
According to her only 7% of Nepalese who has access to political party and monetary /financial gain power are getting justice from the Nepal courts based on their ability of political and financial power that they hold [1}. Rest of Nepalese are deprived of justice.
Out of 16 honourable judges at the supreme court right now [2] I heard that 11 of them are affiliated with the Communist Party of Nepal Unified Marxist Leninist and 4 of them are affiliated with political parties.
It is a duty of the responsible citizens of Nepal of those 16 Honourable Supreme Court Judges we have to name to shame and fame who are affiliated to which political parties because based on their affiliation with political parties we can came to know from Ex-Chief of Justice, honourable Sushila Karki they set the bench at the court to provide justice in the court. However, honourable Sushila Karki was initially affiliated with Nepali Congress but lately she was supportive towards Communist Party of Nepal Unified Marxist Leninist during her retirement age and time as I came to know from different people and media. Here are the name list of current 16 honourable supreme court judges:
1. Hon'ble Mr. Deepak Raj Joshee
2. Hon'ble Mr. Om Prakash Mishra
3. Hon'ble Mr. Cholendra Shumser Janga Bahadur Rana
4. Hon'ble Justice Mr. Deepak Kumar Karki
5. Hon'ble Justice Mr. Kedar Prasad Chalise
6. Hon'ble Justice Mr. Sharada Prasad Ghimire
7. Hon'ble Justice Mrs. Mira Khadka
8. Hon'ble Justice Mr. Hari Krishna Karki
9. Hon'ble Justice Mr.Bishowambhar Pd Shrestha
10. Hon'ble Justice Mr. Ishwar Prasad Khatiwada
11. Hon'ble Justice Dr. Ananda Mohan Bhattarai
12. Hon'ble Justice Mr. Anil Kumar Sinha
13. Hon'ble Justice Mr. Prakash Man Singh Raut
14. Hon'ble Justice Mrs. Sapana Pradhan Malla
15. Hon'ble Justice Mr. Tej Bahadur K C
16. Hon'ble Justice Mr. Purshotam Bhandari
All Nepalese are aware and informed that honourable Justice Mrs. Sapana Pradhan Malla was a member of the Constituent Assembly from the Communist Party of Nepal Unified Marxist Leninist.
In addition, in Nepalese society where colour, class and caste related prejudice and discriminatory practices are very much prevailing because of historical entrenched societal mindset guided from the Nepal's first civil law, Manav Naya Shastra in 14th century by King Jayasthiti Malla and the second law, Muluki Ain in 19th century by Prime Minister Janga Bahadur Rana formulated and endorsed based on the ancient Indian law, known as "Law of Manu" also called Manusmriti which is still following in providing justice in the courts of Nepal with some amendments that were made based on the international human rights declaration signed by the government of Nepal. Despite promulgation of the Nepal's new Constitution in 2015 it has yet to formulate new rules and regulations for the jurisdiction system of Nepal to provide justice to Nepalese citizens whoever seek fair justice from the courts. Although since historical period Nepal is multilingual, multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious/multi-faith and very diverse society however, feudal rulers of Nepal had imposed one language, one culture, one caste, one faith/religion, and one dress strategically, systematically and structurally from top to bottom as per the Hindu dogmatic belief and life style based on the Law of Manu that has wiped out indigenous identity. Therefore, indigenous tribal communities including Madhesi population from tarai belt are very much aggressive and antagonist towards ruling colour (white), class (upper/high, supreme) and caste (Brahman). However, all of the white higher/upper people so-called Brahmans are not bad and inhumane in their thinking and acting processes but because of some handful of elite corrupt custodian of Brahmanical traditional culture, custom, language, faith and dress code who are holding power in all three major branches of government: executive, legislative and judicial of the country and also involving in major societal roles as teachers, advisers and administrators they are blamed and accused for all mishap of the country in making under developed, corrupt and backward.
One of the renowned TV Journalists of Nepal, Mr. Prem Baniya left Nepal nine months back in order to empower self he went to USA because he said there is already setting for 10 years who will become Nepal's Prime Minister, Chief of Justice, Chief of Police Force, Chief of Army including Chief in all three branches of government body: Executive, Legislative and Juridical so there is no point of staying in Nepal as he is in his present status [3].
Whatever the Ex-Chief of Justice, Suhila Koirala said on 7 June 2017 after her retirement that is very much inline with Mr. Baniya's speech that he delivered in Japan with Nepalese after 9 months of leaving Nepal. Therefore, proves how much systematically, strategically and structurally Nepal is corrupt from top to bottom because of dogmatic mythological belief "Seeing the property even God's third eye opens" "Dhan dekhe pachhi Mahadev ko Pani tin Netra" related entrenched practices based on the law of manu.
As per the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index 2016 Nepal is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, ranking 131 out of 176 countries across the globe [4]. However, hardly anyone would like to take action against it because anyone who raise voice against it will be proven criminal by those corrupt executive, legislative and juridical systems custodians of Nepal.
"I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against."
- Malcolm X, an African-American human rights activist.
"Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe."
- Frederick Douglass, an African-American social reformer, abolitionist, and statesman
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